Word of the day-LOVE

September 18, 2019

As you go about your day today please think on this. Do not only dwell on what you can get out of a relationship but focus also on what you give. This goes for your relationship with our heavenly Father as well. To my non-believing butterflies, I cannot speak on your disbelief as I do not understand it, any more than you understand mine in a being that I cannot see with the naked eye. But that does not mean that I do not wish for you all that is good and wonderful in this life. Think about the people you love and who love you and love them a little bit harder today, because love is the one thing that can cross all boundaries and break down all walls. I know the world looks very bleak right now but as a believer I can tell you, the best is yet to come. So chin up, do good, be good and never conform. Have a stupendously wonderful day butterfly smooches.

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  1. jdgass said:

    How I needed those words of encouragement! Thank you for sharing with us today and always.


  2. anangelmagnet said:

    Love is the answer, always, Love right back at ya,


  3. Anonymous said:

    You said it beautifully


  4. Anonymous said:



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