February 14, 2021

Hello there, before we get to this week’s rant about toxic people and the fuckery they get up to, I have to make something clear about last week’s post. First, some of you may have noticed that you couldn’t leave a comment, that issue has been fixed. Now to the issue at hand. I made the point that a child should not be forced to call a step-parent mom or dad if they do not want to. Some seemed miffed at that so let me try to explain to you from a child’s point of view since apparently the child’s feelings do not come into play and only yours matter.

I am a young child, between 2-16 years old. I have a mom and a dad. You screw my dad while he is still married to my mom, mom finds out and dad leaves mom and me. You’re not just hurting my mom, you’ve also hurt me. Because you are a selfish insecure twatwaffle, you have convinced my dad to ignore me and take care of your bigheaded miscreants from another marriage or relationship. So my azzhole of a sperm donor who has twat on the brain decides that it’s a good idea to abandon his blood for someone else’s. On the weekends that my dad is forced by the law to have me, you make my life a living hell. And because you know you are a disgusting piece of offal who destroyed my family and my life, you live in fear of losing the man that you stole from his family so you act like I am your worst enemy because I am a reminder of the woman you robbed of her life and the fact that my dad had a life and loved someone before your scabby azz came into the picture. If you are dumb enough to think that I would ever forget what you did to my mom, you’re delusional, now sod off. YOU ARE NOT MY MOM.


My mom and dad divorced, my dad married you. You are an angel, you do everything for me and I love you, but I have a mom. As much as I love you, I will not forget my mom or pretend that she does not exist because I am a child. I am programmed to want my parents’ love and to love them in return. If my mom is the worst human being alive who is into everything under the sun that is not good for her, you telling me how horrible she is is not helping me, you’re hurting me. If your love is conditional, meaning I have to accept you as my mom and forget the woman who gave birth to me because of whatever issues she may have, then maybe you’re the one with the problem. Being called mom or dad by someone you did not conceive or partake in said conception, is a privilege, not a right.

If you have an issue with the above the American Association of Psychology have a website, these are my opinions and as stated before, they’re not going to change to please anyone. PS. If you are a male switch genders and the same thing goes.

I will say one thing to any man who leaves his kids and go take care of someone else’s. You are lower than pond sucking scum. I hope the kids you support that are not yours while ignoring your seed treat you like crap in your old age. Now the Christ-like side of me wishes for you to wake up and see the error of your ways and do right by your kids you demented sod.


Now, today I want to tackle an issue that most are afraid of for whatever reason. This is for all of you who are afraid to speak up, who have bitten holes in your tongues for years to ‘keep the peace’.  Before I jump into this let me first say that if you think that buying my books or supporting me on Patreon gives you the right to tell me what I can or cannot say, or gives you some kind of authority to muzzle me, then let me tell you right now, no-no and fuq no. You can keep your money if that is at all what you believe. Now, with that said, some people are toxic, selfish, and entitled. Please stop accepting this behavior for any reason because you are only making it worst for the rest of us who are left to put up with these wildebeest. Stop doing things you do not want to do just so some loud mouth overgrown child posing as an adult won’t throw a tantrum. Please stop living someone else’s life. When you go along to please others you’re wasting your life and time. I do not want to be someone else’s shadow and you people who have lain down and turned yourselves into doormats are making me and others like me look unhinged when in reality it’s these soulless sea hags who are sucking the life blood out of the rest of us.


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  1. Natasha sargeant said:

    You are the best your book lite up my day thanks for being you God bless


  2. Lala said:

    AMEN!👏 As the kid of a azzhole I agree. Preach it sister preach. 👏


  3. Anonymous said:

    When will we get the Eden High Sequel “All Grown Up”? Asking for a friend…


    1. Jordan Silver Post author said:

      snort I’m working on it on Patreon will be ready soon


      1. Prabhanthi said:

        Since I didn’t see any new books for few months, hope you and family is ok. Stay safe. Love your books.


  4. Suzy said:

    Well said about both toxic people and Steps. When it comes to fam, either by birth or marriage, they deserve the same politeness you would give a stranger. You do NOT have to accept ugly in your life; without going all tmi, I haven’t spoken to a sibling since 2016.
    I truly wish him no ill and refuse to hate him. But I also refuse to have him poison my life further, so no contact. 🤷‍♀️


  5. Celi said:

    Irregardless of the situation it’s up to the child and the child alone if at any point the child want to refer to that person by anything other than her given name. As a mom if I found out my child was being forced to call her


  6. Barbara Pearman said:

    I can never understand how people can overlook that children are people with thoughts and feelings just like everyone else. It then becomes so easy to hurt and abuse them. Well said Jordan!


  7. Sharain said:

    Good Morning!

    Can someone please give me a run down of what books/stories are available on Ms. Silver’s Patreon? I’m on a limited budget and I noticed the book releases have slowed down. I’m wondering if the new material is being placed on that subscription site. If just the suspense novel and snippets of her “regular” books then I’ll wait. If more than that at the lowest level, then will need to think about budgeting the fee. I know crazy, but I only follow a couple of authors. Thank you much in advance for any insight.


  8. Kim said:

    Love how honest and straight up you are. Breath of fresh air.
    Never change. 🥂🥳🥂🍹🤗🤗🤗


  9. Sarah said:

    Amen Mama Butterfly


  10. Becci said:

    ❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️ Completely agree!


  11. Tina said:

    Well, I believe this is TRUTH! Only a rant to those who are the subject…. Thank you for TRUTH!


  12. Carman Welsch said:

    My thoughts exactly !


  13. Anonymous said:

    I had no problem with my step father, however I never called him dad, he was always Kevin, It should be the child’s choose on what to call them, but saying that if the child is a baby there is no reason to not call them mom, dad especially if they are the only one they have


  14. Megs Marshman said:

    Totally agree on the whole “mum” thing a child in their innocence will pick up on the ‘woman’s” energy and even if their mother is alive will perhaps call the new mom mother, becuz of the feelings they get, security, love, exeptance etc. Now if the child dont feel those things and dont call you mum that means some internal self reflection is needed. On the toxic thing…2021 for me to such people is ” you do you buu”


  15. F said:

    Amen! I totally agree with you…. Parents need to.realize they have responsibilities to the children they have regardless of the couple’s relationships….


  16. Fabiola Cadet-Destil said:

    Amen Queen Amen!


  17. Duells67 said:

    Can you please come to some of my family dinners? I have a relative or two I’d love to have you handle for me. I’m not good at starting conflict, but once I’m in it I’ll throw down. I just need you to come jump it off and put some peeps in their place. I’ll be backup.


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