The Squad Reading Order

January 12, 2020

For those needing the reading order for all the connecting books here is a list.

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  1. Karen said:

    Hey Jordan,
    Where can I find The Squad 2? Has it been written yet?
    At the end of All Grown Up, it’s stated like it’s already published🤔


    1. CJ said:

      Hi Jordan, I just found this my accident, I not very good phone I have to use the speaker on my phone in fact I don’t own a comput at all I use my phone I was wondering I really got into the Lyons crew I was wondering if you could give me a list and take of all the books on Lyon Crew Love your books. Thank You


  2. Dawn said:

    I read Lyon on Dreame before I found out it was on Amazon. I’m currently reading Lyons cub but I don’t see it in the reading order list and it kinda stops in the middle of things. Does Caitlins and Todd’s story continue in another book?


  3. Stephanie said:

    I was just wondering when did Hank tell Lyon he was a Guardian? Also how did Lyon’s three oldest boys become involved? I didnt see anything in the gentlemen biker. So I thought I might of missed a book.


  4. Hina Kerai said:

    Love your books.
    Can you tell me in which book Caitlin gets an email from Friends of Alice please?


    1. Anonymous said:

      Cord Seal Team 5


  5. Natasha sargeant said:

    Your books are the best thank for so much fun in you pages you are great


  6. amanda duston said:

    Thank you


    1. Christina odland said:

      Just wanted to say growing up Johanna Lyndsey was my favorite author till I found your books. Following your stories has been a joy thank you for that


  7. Valerie Horton said:

    Got it, read them all again recently, getting prepared for Caitlin and The Squad. Got The Lyon’s Cub Caitlin, yesterday, starting to read it this morning. Can’t tell you how excited I am. Thanks Mama Butterfly, you my dear are the best.


  8. Corey Lovato said:

    Yay thank you!


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