Teaser Tuesday

April 5, 2022

I had no idea what I planned to do when I dragged her along behind me, but once we reached the office and closed the door, something else caught my notice. I sniffed the air, and her scent slammed into me like a sledgehammer. I had her backed up against the wall with my hand at her throat before she knew what was happening.

“Why the fuck are you in heat?” I looked into her eyes which went from scared to aroused in seconds.
“I’m….I’m not.”
“Yeah, you are; I can smell you.” Her face heated with a blush, and she tried turning her head away from me, but I held it in place. That ugliness raised its head again, and I bit back the growl of anger.

She was saying something, but I hadn’t heard her over the ringing in my ears. “So, I was thinking, I was imagining….” Her face looked like it was about to explode. It was so red.
“Say again?” And then she told me, bravely, though I could see it was costing her. Wolf punished Chantal, and this one got hot. But that wasn’t all; she was thinking of me when she did.

My hold around her neck loosened, and I rubbed my thumb gently along her cheek while she looked up at me with those fuck me eyes.


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  1. Linda said:

    Has chapter 35 been released yet?


  2. Michele said:

    Is that a story on Vella? Do you know if it is available in Canada yet?


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