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The case of the banned books

Every once in a while I get the urge to get down and dirty with my writing. At first I thought that writing under different pen names might be the way to go, but then I found that unless I outed myself there was no way to even get anyone to read it. Jasmine Starr and Tiffany Lordes were both born from this experiment. Lately I’ve decided to go for it under my name Jordan Silver, and that effort has landed me with four banned or blocked books on Amazon which we all know is the leading distributor of eBooks. So, do I quell that nasty urge to write dark romance? Or do I forge on and find another avenue? I’ve decided to sell my banned books here on my website, and since I can’t help myself, will most likely be writing more dark romance in the future. I hope that you, my audience will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.


“How’s my little breeder?” Her eyes flew up to mine from her place on my bed, where her arms and legs were still tied, leaving her body open for my pleasure. Her eyes no longer spat fire at me these days; it was more like a smoldering flame. Lust mixed with anger and just a lingering tinge of fear.

The fear stemmed from my unpredictability and the uncertainty of what comes next from one day to another. But not since her first two weeks as my captive have I given her reason to fear me. In fact I think she’s more afraid of what she’d become, of her body’s response to me and the things I make her feel, than of any physical harm perpetrated by me.

I had one of her naked tits in my hand, fondling the pebbled erect nipple while I had the fingers of the other stuffed in her wet cunt. I smiled into her eyes as the significance of my words registered.

I finger fucked her nice and deep, spreading her open to take my cock which was unusually hard at the fact that I’d bred her sweet young pussy, which had been my sole intent; my reason for taking her.

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