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Tennessee Heat Chapter 2

This entry is part 2 of 15 in the series Tennessee Heat

Chapter 2
Annabelle barely came out of her daydream state in time to hop off the trolley. Thank goodness someone else had needed her stop or she’d have had to walk back twenty blocks in this infernal heat.
No use mooning over Chase, and if you do go to that party you stay the hell away from him before you make an ass of yourself.
That little pep talk seemed to do the trick and her spirits were lifted just a little bit. That was before she turned down her street and her situation in life came back full force.
Her spirits took a nosedive and she wished she could turn around and go back, but where? Her shoulders drooped even more as everything that was wrong in the world seemed to land squarely on her shoulders.

She pushed the dawning melancholy aside and searched for the bright side. There had to be one somewhere. Life couldn’t stay this depressing for long, after all she’d barely started to live. She appeased herself with that thought and held onto that glimmer of hope.
Her steps were a cross between a slow crawl and a jog. She didn’t want to bring attention to herself, but she wanted to get out of sight as soon as possible. It’s like that feeling you get when you want to go to the bathroom but you know if you move too fast you’ll wet yourself. Torture!
The street was usually busy with out of workers loitering in doorways and up and coming criminals slinging whatever death drug was the flavor of the week.

She hated it more each time she came out her door. She braced herself for the incessant catcalls and uninspired come-ons that she usually ignored. Unless she was in a bad mood and the wrong person got in her damn face.
This Saturday afternoon the street was busier than usual; no traffic came down this street, unless it was a user looking for a fix. Sensible people knew to stay away from here. Nothing good ever came outta this damn place. That quickly she was back to feeling sorry for herself.

There were a hundred kids playing on the sidewalk and in the street. Someone had opened the hydrant as was usual on a day like this. Some young guys were playing football in the street and another group had the basketball court on the other end of it.
They’d made their own net with an old soda case attached to a pole. There were the usual loud arguments from the men shooting dice, who always seemed ready for a fight. Something that used to scare the shit out of her when she was younger, but she’d learned to ignore as the years went by.
She was at least grateful that they were too busy to notice her as she made her way down the block to the little rundown house with the leaky roof that she shared with her mother. She slowed her step a little when she reached the group of young girls.

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