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October 18, 2020

Hello, butterflies hope all are doing well regardless of life’s little pitfalls and major dilemmas. It’s raining very hard here though I haven’t seen any cats and dogs. I’m taking a break from working on The Squad. I think we’re up to chapter 26 or 27 can you believe it? The story has just taken on a life of its own and though the storyline is a bit heart-wrenching to write, I think I have to so as to keep things in the same vein that has run through the thread of the intertwining stories. Roxy’s story is one that most people try to shun as most of us would like to pretend that such things do not happen though we’re all very aware that they do. Of course, I will give my girl and Jason who you’ve met as a secondary character in The Billionaire their happily ever after, but our boys, Colt, Mancini, The SEALs along with Law, Creed, and all the others that will come together to form the squad have to have a hand in bringing justice to the innocent who has been wronged. The third book in the Patreon exclusive series The Briar Reef Murder Mysteries will also feature another controversial storyline amid the hot and steamy sex scenes between Riley and Detective Sparks. I won’t say too much about that because where’s the mystery in that, but it’s going to be a huge surprise. Last but not least we have Dare to Love Again, which I have enjoyed reading your comments and laughing out loud. I find myself saying at least once a day, ‘they do realize that Calen isn’t real right?’ Lol. The amount of passion I’ve seen in your response to him tickles me no end. I guess I’m writing this here to let you know that I appreciate it all. I’m so touched by those of you who’ve decided to follow and support me on Patreon, you’ll never know what that means to me and the level that some of you have gone to, words cannot express how deeply touched I truly am. I’ve gone off-topic just a bit so let’s bring it back. As the title said, this is about thoughts, more precisely, the shiznet that goes through my mind. When it’s not filled with plots and smut it can wander into some places that most normal people wouldn’t. For instance, I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationships between men and women. Some of you may not realize due to the nature of my work that I’m a prude. By that I mean, I have very traditional values when it comes to marriage. I hate cheaters, whether male or female. I think to cheat on a lifemate is about the lowest thing a person can do and shows a level of disrespect for another human being that’s mind-boggling. My question is, why not leave the relationship if you’re so unhappy with the other person? If you hate them that much that you’d disregard your vows, discard the promises you made, then why not leave? Is it because of selfishness, fear, greed? Is it a case of wanting to have your cake and eat it too? (Though I don’t know what the hell else you’re supposed to do with cake). I would like to say to anyone out there among my readers if you’re doing this, or even thinking of doing it, don’t. Your life will never be the same again not only because of what you’d be doing to your mate but also the respect you’ll eventually lose for yourself. Only monsters harm those who love them, only a fool destroys themself. Once you step one toe onto that slippery slope, there’s no turning back. This decision is something you will have to live with for the rest of your life. No matter what you’ve heard, the grass is never greener on the other side. You don’t believe me? Go dig up your yard…

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  1. Celeste Afonso said:

    Mama!!! what do you mean Calen isn’t real, doest that mean Colton isn’t real either?? These men are the reason I breathe . Oh the horrors, 2020 truly is a shit show..


    1. Anonymous said:

      lol just nuts


  2. Anonymous said:

    Thank you, for all the nights i stay awake reading and rereading your books because I just can’t put them down, getting up like a zombie, but it’s truly worth it.
    And also the inspiring sex scenes that I love trying out with my honey🥰😜😁❤❤❤


  3. Anonymous said:

    Thank You queen for everything you do, you go above and beyond to make us happy and I’m truly grateful I can also follow you on Patreon.


  4. Kat said:

    My partner and I have been together 29 year this Dec. We legally married Oct. 31, 2016. When we got together we agreed on 3 things…1. No hitting or name calling 2. No cheating. If 1 of feels like we want to screw someone else then break up with the other one. Yes it’ll hurt but far less if the other is “cheating” and 3. Don’t lie. These 3 things have held us 8n good stead all these years. Yes we have our up and downs and even some missteps but above a that we still love and respect each other.


  5. Anonymous said:

    Love your books and my husband and I feel the same as you do about cheating why not just end the relationship then go on your way. Have a great day and get some rest
    Cozy up on couch with blanket and drink of your choice


  6. Kelli said:

    Finally someone who thinks what I think about cheating! There is no going back from that. Luv your books! I purchase all as soon as they come out. Thank u your books have tons of humor and they sex what can I say! Yowza.


  7. Duells said:

    The saying ‘I love the way you think’ is so applicable for me with your writing. As a molestation survivor I usually have a hard time watching or reading about it. But with your books I embrace it, because I KNOW there will be some sort of justice against those who perpetrated the crimes, and I revel in it.
    As for cheaters – I try to avoid stories where I think/know there will be cheating. I have a hard time reading about that as well. Whenever I mistakenly read something, I always come back to your stories as a ‘comfort and palate cleanser’ LOL. I at minimum weekly reread one or two of your books. I love the way you think!
    Thank you for sharing your talent.


  8. Regina Hoilman said:

    Very well said. Cheaters are among the lowest of the low. I can’t imagine hurting my husband that way.


  9. anangelmagnet said:

    Once a cheater always a cheater, my grandmother drilled that into me and I still didn’t listen. You are right, being cheated on is so hurtful its beyond words. So, as usual, I agree with you. Good Morning Mama, have a lovely Sunday. As to The Squad, love it.


    1. Anonymous said:

      Cheaters create such emotional harm and pain when they destroy their realationship for a moment of gratification as individuals they need to remember not to be selfish walk away and spear hurting that person you professed to love they may eventually be friend with you as time past if you end the relationship with respect.


    2. Anonymous said:

      Having been on the receiving end, I can attest to that adultery is indeed the willing destruction of another’s spirit. Broken, the novel, begins with the heroine in the depths of despair because of adultery. It is close to the hell one lives in this situation…


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