Sneak Peeks

So it doesn’t matter that he makes my heart do things I didn’t know it was capable of. Or that I sometimes see him in my dreams at night, only to awaken with a burning need between my thighs and somewhere deep in my very core.

My only interest, is in getting him in my bed for as long as it takes. Then just walk away and go back to my life. Maybe then I can live and breathe without this constriction in my chest that has been there since my thirteenth birthday.

I felt the slight tremble in my limbs as I went back there, and was once again that little helpless child whose world had crumbled around her. I felt the darkness tug at the edges of my mind trying to suck me into the abyss.

I calmed my suddenly erratic breathing and dragged my mind back on the right path. No-no Sydney. Do not fuck this up now, you’ve come too far. No more trips down memory lane.

I brought myself back into character before I gave myself away. Though the man sitting next to me could have no clue that any of this was going on.

As far as he knows, I’m just the girl his wife had hired to watch their children for the summer at their place in the country.

It had taken lots of hard work and research to land myself the job. But hard work was nothing new to me, at least not where this was concerned.

It had taken eight years to get here, to the final stages of my master plan. For most of those years I was just a helpless child, but with the help of the Internet and social media, I’ve been able to gather most of what I needed for the grand finale.

He shifted in his seat and my pulse raced. Like I said, this was the one thing I hadn’t banked on. I don’t need to be attracted to him to get into his bed, not if the end justifies the means as it does in this case. I’d been more than ready to go the distance even if he was a potbellied balding slug.

But of course I should’ve known that he wouldn’t be. He’s such a private person that there are no known pictures of him anywhere, so imagine my surprise when we first met.

I knew he was young, only thirty-three, but I hadn’t expected him to be so well put together. It’s been my experience that most men of his standing are never the most attractive.

I have to admit to a certain bias as well. I’d told myself that he’d have to be lacking in some way to marry the woman that he had. That maybe even with all his money he couldn’t do any better.

But it appears that Mr. Fisher had been blessed with it all. Both looks and wealth. No worries though, I’ve come too far to turn back, or to let something as silly as a girlish infatuation get in the way of my plans.

76 thoughts on “Sneak Peeks


    What I love is those Alpha Males that care for their Women, no matter what.

    What I would like to see more of… those Alpha Females who go above and beyond for those Alpha Males who are totes clueless about shit.

    Give me more of this shit.

  2. The lil sneak!!!!……LOL

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