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    Jordan Silver

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    Chapter 5



    I helped her back to my bed and got her settled. I placed the tray with the leftover food that had been kept warming, over her lap. “Eat some more!” I didn’t say anything about what she’d told me while she picked at her food again, but chose instead to dwell on it and get my thoughts together.

    She fell asleep sitting up with the tray still across her lap. I’d been so lost in my head I didn’t even realize that she’d dropped off. I removed the tray without jarring her and eased her down on the bed. She was so tired she didn’t even stir.

    I pulled her blanket up around her and sat back to look at her. Now that she wasn’t looking at me with those big sad eyes, I could take my time and study her fine features.

    She’s gorgeous, but the shit she’d faced in life had kept that well hidden. In sleep it was easy to see it all. Her skin was creamy white and startling against her reddish gold hair and when her blue eyes were open the contrast was startling.

    I reached out my hand and touched her hair softly. Even without the care of a stylist her hair still shone with life, her fat curls hanging loosely at her shoulders. She looked so innocent in sleep, so young. How could anyone hurt something so beautiful?

    I’d like to find the sick fuck and castrate him in the middle of the street but as much as I’d like to hop on a plane and go after that fuck, taking care of her was more important. I’m sure that fucker’s day will come.


    I stayed up well into the night, sitting up in the chair next to the bed. Every once in a while she’d moan or make some weird noise in her sleep, and each time I’d brush her hair gently and speak to her softly until she settled down again.

    She’d given me a lot to think about and I let my mind go where it will. The only thing I knew for sure is that I was attracted to her. The only question was how did I feel about her now that I knew her story.

    Could I really marry a woman who was carrying another man’s child? And then I had to separate the two and think about the kid. None of this was his or her fault and it was obvious that she wanted to keep her baby.

    She didn’t seem to have any negative feelings or thoughts against it, which shows the kind of heart she has. But could I do it? Would I be able to show kindness…?

    Even as I thought it, I knew the answer. The kid’s story was just as sad as hers wasn’t it? Wouldn’t he or she need someone to love them too? It all seemed so simple really. But I knew it wasn’t that it was far from it.

    My thoughts were still too new and there were too many of them to tackle in one night. I looked at the bed when sleepiness set in but figured she’d freak if she woke up and found me lying next to her, so decided to sleep on the chair.

    We’re gonna have to come up with another plan though, if I’m going to keep her with me here in my room in secret until I tell my parents what I have in mind.

    That was a headache I wasn’t in the mood to deal with right now though, so I closed my eyes and tried to get some sleep. I was out before you know it.

    “Papa…”My eyes flew open at the sound. Her voice had been barely above a whisper but I heard it all the same. I left the chair and went to stand over her in bed. There was a lone tear making a track down her cheek as she called out for her papa.

    I brushed her hair again softly, feeling helpless in the face of her sadness. I felt that squeezing in my heart again as I looked down at her. I’ll make it better for you, I promise. I said the oath to myself but it was enough that only my heart knew what I had in store for her. One day she would too.

    I fixed the covers more firmly around her and stood there a little longer than was necessary just drinking her in. Each time she murmured for her papa in her sleep, she crept a little deeper into my heart.

    Once I was sure she was going to be okay I moved my hand over the place where the child now slept, no longer seeing him or her as something to be reviled, but as a part of her.

    I think I fell in love with the kid then, because of all that she’d been through to protect it regardless of how he came to be. And because it was none of his fault.


    The next morning I came awake slowly as I felt the presence in the room. The night came back to me and I turned my head slowly to find her watching me from the bed. I searched her eyes for fear or discomfort but all I saw there was wary confusion.

    She averted her eyes as soon as she saw that I was awake and I wondered how long she’d been awake watching me. I sat forward with my hands hanging and looked down at the floor. I hadn’t missed the blush. Innocent! Sweet!

    “The others should be here in another hour. I’ll go down and find you something to eat while you get dressed.” I made a side trip to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get cleaned up before jogging downstairs to the kitchen.

    Mom and dad were in their wing and wouldn’t be seen until about nine when the house really started to wake up so there was no fear of them finding me in here, but I had another problem. I have no idea how to cook.

    I ended up making her toast and pouring her a glass of milk which I took back up to her. She took one look at the food and beat feet for the bathroom.

    I followed behind and held her hair again while she threw up. I waited until I’d cleaned her up at the sink and took her to sit on the bed to ask the obvious. “Are you sick like this every morning?” I was surprised when she answered with a nod.

    “Okay, do you need to lay back down or something?” I never felt more out of my depth. She shook her head and got to her feet making me have to move out of the way from where I’d been crouched on my feet in front of her.

    “It doesn’t last that long.” She walked to the night table and took the glass of milk. She drank in down way too fast, and I remembered the half eaten apple she’d shown me the night before that was her dinner.

    There was no end to my problems it seemed. As soon as I think I’ve got one thing figured out, something else comes along. I guess that shit was supposed to make me back down. But I love a challenge. And somehow winning this shy beauty had become my greatest one of all.


  1. Gail said:

    Is there a book that follows Lyons Cub? I feel like everything was left hanging.


  2. Kate Haney said:

    Need more Lyon and family stories!


  3. Georgia Gatewood said:

    Love all you books waiting for Mengele and Stanton story. My five rides spit fire,,Cody’s girl,Falon,the Life and anything to do with Lyons and Eden series.


    1. Becky said:

      Love the books just curious what’s coming next onto Kindle for the crew/squad since the gentleman biker is still updating like one chapter once or twice a month


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