Lyon’s Crew

I wish I were brave enough to give into what his eyes promise, to just grab ahold of it and forget everything else. But life is never that easy, this I know. I’d learned it the hard way.
Moving halfway across the country to escape my past, I hadn’t expected to run smack dab into someone like him. I’d been prepared to hide away in the little town, away from everyone and everything I knew to lick my wounds and hopefully some day make a fresh start. But I knew that wasn’t going to be possible with my pushy new boss who seems to see way too much when he looks at me. Even the things I try hardest to hide.

I knew there was more to my mousy new secretary but couldn’t quite put my finger on what that more might be. Until I saw the real her, the woman she kept hidden beneath the ugly suits and old maid bun. Now I’ve made it my mission to fix whatever went wrong in her life, since I’ve decided to claim her.