Book 2 of the SEAL Team Seven Series

In this continuing saga, the seven brothers in arms who have retired to their little slice of heaven finds themselves embroiled with some kind of mastermind criminal ring. With suspicions rising about the death of their old friend the commander, Logan has his hands full with his new lady love. A little firebrand who doesn’t fear the SEAL not even a little bit and is set on giving him fits at every turn.

“I took a moment lying on top of her, pulling her body in close, before dropping to the side and pulling her over on top of me. My girl likes to cuddle after sex so I have to give her what she wants, even though I’m already running late and it’s her fault for teasing the shit out of me.”

“At twenty-five she’s seven years younger than me. Some thought maybe too young and innocent to deal with a man like me, who led the life I did. I really didn’t give a f**k what some thought; she was mine.”

“With Gabriella it was like being side swiped with a semi truck. There was no real warning, just wham, out of nowhere and I was blindsided. It happened so easily and without much fanfare, that I didn’t even know what the f**k had hit me. I think I was thinking the way I always did; I’d hit it and be done in a couple weeks more or less, but one look, one taste and here we are. I knew from f**k one that I was in trouble.”

“I felt like a f**king ogre and she’s the one who f**ked up. Looking down at her, one thought ran through my mind. “We’re not having any f**king daughters.” That brought her up short. “What?” Like I’m telling her sh*t. That look had just shown me what a little girl made from her and me would do to me, f**k no.”