Hold Me If You Can

Book 2 of The Mancini Way Series

Mancini finds himself in the stickiest situation yet. After hunting down the worse criminals known to man, he finds himself caught by the special agent who’d been hand picked to bring him down. No sooner had he staked his claim than he was being called away to take down the man responsible for the biggest child trafficking ring in South East Asia. For the first time in his life he finds himself torn, between his duty and staying with the woman he’s fallen hard and fast for.

The bureau isn’t too pleased that their star pupil seems to have gone soft, on the man they’d sent her to bring down. Just when the two sworn enemies are set to embark on their newfound love, lies and betrayal threaten to tear them apart. Will the straight laced agent be able to hold onto the man she’s come to believe is nothing like she’d been taught, or will she be yet another casualty of the Mancini way?