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August 22, 2019

Good morning butterfly and how is your day? hope all is well with you and yours. Just dropping by to let you know that Tennessee Heat is now available for Pre Order on As usual you may click on the little link beneath the image to order from anywhere in the world where Amazon eBooks are sold.

Also, don’t forget to come say hi this Sunday in the new GoodReads Book Club, Jordan Silver Book Club, where we will be discussing this week’s book choice (by poll) , Talon’s Heart. You can find information on the website. and there’s also an instagram page called Jordan Silver Book Club. See you there.

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  1. Bee said:

    I wanted to know if this was going to be available on Apple Books before it’s released on KindleUnlimited? Like ‘Teacher’s Pet’ was available. By the way, that book was awesome, as all your books are, been waiting for this one to come out! Yay so excited, cant’ Wait!
    I have KU, but I like to buy my books on AppleBooks as I usually have store credit. Please keep the books coming, on pins and needles for the next Lyon book!!!
    Thank you,


    1. jordansilver144 said:

      teacher’s pet wasn’t on apple it was here on the site


      1. beeperez5225 said:

        Oh my goodness, yes you are right, my bad
        So will it be available on your website to buy?
        Thank you so much for responding so quickly!
        When will the next Lyon book be out? Can’t wait for it!
        Thank you,


  2. Anthea said:

    Just booked, I cannot wait. 30 October (sobbing sounds) too long. Thanks for being an awesome writer


  3. Anonymous said:

    I just one clicked and I’m super excited!!!! I’ve loved this book since you began!!


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