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June 11, 2018

Hello butterflies, the latest installment in the madness that is Colton Lyon is now available. Click image to order

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  1. Monique Jackson said:

    I love your work as you know. I was thinking about rereading all the books. I want to reread all the books that tie in to each other. Can you tell me which ones? I know it starts with the Seals, the Lyons, and there are a few more alpha males involved. Please mama help me out !?!


  2. Stacey s said:

    Just finished Lyons Den and I loved it!! Thank you Jordan!


  3. Jaelithe Shepherd said:

    One clicked. Thank you


  4. Diana Thomas said:

    Such a great book. Something that I think would be cool is a book about Mengeke when she grows up and falls in love.


    1. Travelgal1022 said:

      I said the same a little while ago. Here is Ms. Jordan’s response…”As to Mengele her book is already in the works, she’s marrying Derry’s son from My Best Friend’s Daughter”.


  5. ReveuR said:

    Thank you! But then your text said not available… I was already imagining a long wait. Happy to get my hands on it right away! Can’t wait for more Lyons!


  6. prescious said:

    oh! my god Jordan wow ! madam butterfly I am so breathless I was having one of those days you just made it great! I LOVE YOU am going crazy with joy my favorite alpha is in the house wow yes your totally forgiven. lol am taking a lion break now.


  7. LaKisha M. Davis said:

    Wow,!! I loved this! Jordan you have done it again. I was so ready for one of your books and you came through. Thank you now I’m just waiting for more.


  8. Lynette said:

    Got mine thanks Jordan


  9. Bobbie Pralle said:

    It is SOOOO going to be a good day! I love Colton Lyon and all his shenanigans.. this is by far my favorite series and I can’t wait for all the Lyon kids to grow up and see if they follow in their dad’s footsteps. Thank you so much for putting this out.. It was a great surprise for Hump Day!


  10. Anonymous said:

    amazing book as usual , i looooovvvvve the Lyon family, wish Colton was my man, can’t wait till the next one.
    Mama you help me get through some shitty days, you help me keep my mental health intact with your wonderful looks, I love you


  11. Anonymous said:

    I just finished Lyon’s Den. I love Colton and Mengele. The book was amazing. This is my favorite series. Thank you, Mama, for another great book! I can’t wait for more on Colton and his family.


  12. Julie Schreiber said:

    Love the Lyon series, please keep writing stories about Colton and his family. The relationship with his daughter, Catalinas is hilarious and heartwarming. Just finished readin The Lyon’s Den, I hope it will be released As a paperback .


  13. maxine matthews said:

    just great reading. I now have an addiction for Jordan Silver books and when no new ones are available I go through withdrawal.


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