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October 19, 2021

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Kindle Vella

Nocturnal Flame, Book 2 in The Whispering Hollow series

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  1. Roberta said:

    Been waiting 3 months for an update on The Gentleman Biker on Dreame.
    If its available in its entirety elsewhere than I would love know so that I can finish this story.


  2. Sharone Gill said:

    Hello! So I’m not diggin’ Vella or Dreame since they take cliff hangers to another level. Will Nocturnal be available for purchase as a whole? If not, when do you expect all of the chapters to be available so I may obtain and read all at one time? I’ll hang in there with Dreame to finish The Gentleman Biker but don’t think I can continue to support that platform. My OCD is messing with me. :-).


  3. Linnea S WAYMAN said:

    How often will you be updating The Gentleman Biker. Love your books but one chapter a month is not ideal in keeping fans interested.


  4. Theresa Hampton said:

    Like all your books I loved what I have read so far. I am not familiar with this series, so I can not say much in regards to connection but I know that some of your books that are in series can be read as stand-alones. Thanks for sharing your gift of writing with the world.


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