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April 16, 2020

New release from Jordan Silver, click image for the link to purchase or borrow from Amazon

Angelica didn’t quite know how to express to anyone the new urges she felt, whether it was psychological or just nature at work, she hadn’t the faintest clue. But for the last year or so she’d become obsessed with getting pregnant. She was fascinated by the whole the process and just seeing women on the sidewalk with their bellies stretched to hold the new life growing inside them could send her into orbit. The only problem, she’s not in a financial position to fulfill her new fetish. With a little bit of research, she found the perfect solution to her problem, surrogacy. Now if only she could find a couple who’s willing to do things the old fashion way…

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  1. Tracey Levesley said:

    Another great read


  2. Carrie said:

    I love all your books, I just wish you would finish the Seals, Lyon and Mancini story. You left us totally hanging with Caitlin. You are a fabulous writer.


  3. Michele said:

    How do you do it??? You take this beautifully crafted smutty book and still make it into a love story!!!! I absolutely loved it!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!


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Jordan Silver is the author of more than 150 romance novels and novellas featuring over-the-top alpha males and the women who love them. She also writes young adult and new adult fiction under the pen name Cami York, BDSM Romance under Jasmine Starr, and Polyamorous romance under Tiffany Lordes.




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