Let It Go

January 29, 2022

I have had an epiphany. Either that or my allergies are messing with my head, or peripigmenopause is on her shiz again. Anywho, here it is. I’ve come to the realization that sometimes we as human beings hold onto things we don’t even want or need just because we fear someone else would grab it or them.

How is it, that every woman or man who gets cheated on, end up fighting to hold on to this person in some way, even though you no longer want them? Case in point, I know the world is made up of ninety percent narcissists, some of who can pull the wool over a Highland ram’s eye, but unless this being has totally hoodwinked you into thinking they’re the best thing since viagra for men with erectile dysfunction, then what in the world are you fighting so hard to hold onto? Do you not know what cheating on a partner represents?

It represents total disrespect for you as a worthy, viable human being. It represents someone who does not care about you in any way shape or form. I don’t care how pretty a package they wrap up their bullshit in, it’s still bullshit. No one who loves you will hurt you in one of the worst ways imaginable.

My realization is that, somewhere in our formative years, we learned not to share or had a very bad experience with sharing, so we have this mentality of mine-mine-mine. That, or you were taught that you were less than if you lost so you have to win at all cost.

So, here you are as an adult and this female or male beast has ripped your heart out, treated you like crap, destroyed your trust, but you’re sitting in a dark room thinking about how much you luuuuurve them. What the fuq is there to love in this half-baked species that should be tied to the bottom of the ocean without a diving mask? It’s not love.

Unless you absolutely hate yourself, you cannot love someone who tried to murder your soul. What you’re doing is what they call the pick me dance. You don’t want to lose to the slag or douchenozzle who slept with your partner, so now you’re in a fight to hold onto someone you don’t even want anymore.

The next time you’re in this situation, take a deep breath before you react and ask yourself if this thing that caused you so much pain is worth hanging onto. Y’all take care of yourselves out there and stop being doormats. If some azzhole male or female needs one, uncle Wally has them for cheap.

PS. Now is also the best time to finally let loose and tell the mother or father-in-law from hell what you really think about them and the piece of swine offal they raised.

Words to live by in 2022-

  • No- Is a complete sentence
  • Get fuqued- Is the correct response to anyone who crosses your boundaries.
  • Fuq off- Is the correct response to anyone who tries talking you into anything you do not desire
  • Go fuq yourself on a three-headed cactus- Is more than acceptable to say to anyone who took part in hurting you but then tells you you should be the bigger person. Tell that bish you’re on a diet and you’re trying to lose weight.
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  1. Marta said:

    My very wise Grandmother said never date a cheater you are not special they will cheat on you just and easily as they cheat with you. And you are worth to much to do that to your soul!


  2. Jodi Diehl said:

    I totally agree with you. I am currently in the middle of a divorce. Why? Because the asshole cheated on me. 26 years I wasted on this man. Found out and said I was done. She can have him.


  3. angelmagnet said:

    I can’t stand a cheater. Like grandma said, we don’t lie, we don’t steal, and we don’t cheat.


  4. Renee Sullins said:



  5. Carman L Welsch said:

    You have read my mind !!!


  6. Tina said:

    Dang, you have hit out the park!


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