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June 15, 2020

In the seven years I’ve been publishing I’ve come across a few things, mostly from other authors that lead me to ask you, my readers, some questions. Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t fiction just that? When did writing a fictitious scenario become a crime? I’ve been accused of crossing the line a time or two, have had books blocked because of complaints and at those times have taken a hard look at myself to see what it is that I’m doing wrong and maybe I’m too dumb to know, but…isn’t fiction make-believe? When I wrote Redneck I had no idea that it would cause such a stink, that people would take my word porn as something they needed to get out their pitchforks for. I’ve always believed that the people who complain about works of fiction have something to hide in their real lives and that is why they love finding stuff to point their fingers at. Now, as I said, I could be wrong, but if I am, you tell me. Looking forward to your comments and ideas.

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  1. Kat said:

    There have been books I’ve read that I had to put down and not pick up because the subject matter was too much for me with my vivid imagination. And that isn’t just romance books either. An author has the option to write wherever the muse takes them. The reader has the option to read to the end, skip the pages they don’t like, not finish the book and/or not read that particular author again. We as readers don’t tell an author what to write just like I wouldn’t tell my neighbor what to wear. Jordan keep on writing on 😊


  2. Lily S said:

    Your alpha males are usually awesome 🙂 But by the same logic, where does one draw the line? Child “word porn”? Animal abuse “make believe”? I don’t have the answers. But the question is worth asking.


    1. Anonymous said:

      why is a line being drawn? Its fantasy, make believe, not real. words on a page. if the words are offensive to you, stop reading and move on. for me, don’t like beastiality so I don’t read, stories about woman acting like they are cows, for me that’s yucky, so I don’t read. I would never tell some one what they like is bad.


  3. Joann said:

    I love ur writing , you an amazing writer , There always be negative ppl , don’t let them tell you otherwise, if ppl can’t grasp what’s fictional or not screw them , !


  4. Thalis said:

    I love your make-believe porn, I love your brand of fuqery, I love your creation and I don’t like some of it that’s the freedom of creativity that the place for you to be free from the world to create your own world however you want it. I love how you bring something else to fiction I can’t write myself. You’re so invincible to me I thought what everyone think of you have no place in the world you created for your creativity to roam without boundary but you still let the bad gets through to into that world but you’re only human I sort of get why thing can get to you from time to time. Double down on that shit especially those time you feel like giving a crap about the outside twat and they twist ways! Everyone is twisted I just happen to love your!
    You need to redirect that energy into the best smut you could produce, your masterpiece!


  5. Suzie D said:

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with haters. And yes, I read fiction because it’s fun and safe and a reality break. But all this censorship is getting ridiculous! It’s getting to the point that to read books by my favorite authors I either have to get it from my nook account that’s more lax in censorship or get it in hardback. It’s real easy… if you don’t like these types of books, read a different genre!


  6. Jackie Darnowski said:

    I can never understand why people are so judgy! No one is forcing anyone to buy a book, listen I’ve been reading since I was 15 and picked up my first jackie Collins book. I was hooked! I have bought many books I did not like, that’s not a complaint about the author that’s just what happens, not ever book will be golden.
    I love reading your books because let’s be honest that’s what we want!!!! And I love my life and husband but sweet baby Jesus every book makes me want to be the heroine.
    Fiction is fiction!!! If I wanted real life I would just close my kindle.


  7. Melissa Hogston said:

    I love your books, please keep writing. Everyone has a choice to read or not. I will continue to read your books as long as you keep writing. You are awesome!


  8. Anonymous said:

    Dont stop being you your an awesome, beautiful, author, can wait for your next book💕


  9. Shanita said:

    I loved Redneck! That book is exactly the reason I read so much. It was so dark, yet erotic. I read to escape reality for a few hours. We have all come upon a book that didn’t do it for us. Simply, move on. I never give an author a bad review bc I didn’t like the storyline. There are billions upon billions of books out there. Why chastise an author bc he/she didn’t write a story that entertained you? Simply move on. Everyone is so easily offended nowadays and always ready to pass judgment.


  10. Danielle D Hunter said:

    I read to get away from daily life and immerse myself in the characters and their story. So if it isnt entirely true and stretched who cares. It allows u to dream of that perfect man that doesnt exist in real life. Or the life they live in the book to want that. I love your books and have been reading u for a while. U keep doing u and I will follow along for the ride.


  11. Jadelyn said:

    There is “controversial and dubious” fiction, that yes, should come with some kind of warning/disclaimer. The title or synopsis does not give you an inkling of what is to come. In this instances, if you are tackling controversial topics, let one know and give me the option to decide ,that is fine. However, there are lines that one should not cross in fiction. This, I will call “ATROCIOUS” fiction. I cringe just giving an example of atrocious fiction – I have read a book that had underage (under double digits) and an older MAN. I reported that book right away. Redneck does not come into these categories.The synopsis is very clear. Redneck is not the first book that I have read that has this “kidnapping” theme. There are tons out there. If one does not like it, don’t read it. It is that simple.


  12. Mrs yvette newton said:

    I love your books please keep doing what you are doing. Anyone who has a problem should just stop reading them and stop trying to ruin the joy for the rest of us. Xx


  13. anangelmagnet said:

    Love your books, love your imagination, love the way you write and speak to me. I love the fact that I can fantasize through your words and enjoy the “fantasy” in the privacy of my home. Honestly, loved Redneck, read it often as well as Stolen which as you know is one of my favorites :-). Censorship of books, wow, wth. don’t like it, don’t read it.


  14. Christina Mikuljan said:

    As an avid reader, I read all kinds of books and l have been coming back to your books as they are a great escape. Just keep doing what you are doing. We have to many individuals in the world who believe they are the moral compass for everyone else; when in all honesty they do not have a moral compass themselves.


  15. Cathy Hale said:

    First I love your books. Second fiction is make believe. Third people I think just b**** because some people just like to b*****. If something is make believe make it anyway you want, because I’ll still buy your books. I love fiction because it transports me to another world for a little while and I don’t know about you but the way the world is right now I need to escape the real world for a little while. Just be you and keep writing what you want. You have alot of fans.


  16. ANN-MARIE said:

    I love your books! You keep writing and I’ll keep reading. You are a fantastic writer! To those with negative comments tell them to write their own damn books. I just want to say thank you !


  17. April Watts said:

    oh please. if it’s not books its music , tv or a movie.. it’s all an expression and that’s why you can buy or walk away.
    I love fiction. it allows me to transport myself away from my everyday grind and problems.
    You are doing EVERYTHING RIGHT. Your books are on point. my little piece of heaven.


  18. Anonymous said:

    Fiction is supposed to be “make-believe “. No real as nonfiction would be. People are just looking to complain or be offended by something these days. I am of the state of mind if the book doesn’t sound good to you, not content you like, or as my grandma always said “not my cup of tea”, pass on it. Move on. But there are people who like to escape into a dark fantasy every once in a while. So don’t ruin it for us.


  19. Kathy said:

    It’s called FICTION for a reason! Do I really want a 12 or more inch cock even winking at me? Uh nope. But it sure is fun and titillating to fantasize and read about it! Jordan, you keep being you and write what you and your fans love! Be a duck and just let it roll off your back and let the others be happy in their misery 😁


  20. Anonymous said:

    If you do not like it don’t read it. Everyone has that option.


  21. Anonymous said:

    Just because we like to read forced sex scene, doesn’t mean in real life we want that to happen!! As you say it’s only make believe. If people do t like it, it’s simple don’t read it!! Love your books across the board. Don’t let these narrow minded non creative people stifle you. You do what you do best:- Create xxx


  22. Amber Sherrard said:

    I have learned throughout my 44 years that there is absolutely NO way to please everybody. Then there are the “ones” who just want to complain or bitch because in their little minds what they have to say is more important. These people are a complete waste of air and they will walk through life unhappy no matter how blessed they are. I, as an adult with common sense and intelligence, choose what I want to read and not read. I dont read certain genres because I dont like them, such as multiple women, or rape scenes. And because I am such a person, if I come upon such a story I uninstall it and move on to the next book. I dont feel you need to know what I like and what I dont because I will pick from what you have to offer and if I dont like anything you have I just wont read anything. People today feel like you should conform to them even though that would be impossible since no two people want the samething. You do you and dont worry about anyone else. They will live a miserable life and die a miserable death then they will be sorted by a higher power. BUT if you ever want to write a reverse harem I wouldnt be mad at ya!


  23. Debi said:

    I read your books as a way to escape and lose myself in a world that’s not mine… fiction / fantasy… it is always my choice what type of fiction I enjoy… I don’t understand if people complain they have a choice to choose something different. Keep doing you


  24. Virginia said:

    Fiction it’s just that… FICTION. Screw ‘em. The Da Vinci Code was fiction. I didn’t believe it. I remember when the author was on the today show answering questions about whether or not the story was true! He was absolutely flummoxed. It’s a work of fiction it’s not true. The Stand by Stephen King is fiction. I don’t believe it. PERIOD.


  25. ChelS said:

    I am a huge fan. Everytine you have a new book out, I literally stop what I am doing thread it. Your Alpha Male books are fan-freakin-tastic. People are always going to complain about something. I love your world. Don’t change a thing.


  26. Roslyn Bovell Whittaker said:

    Good night Ms Sliver. I am a super fan of all your book they great to read. My sister and I own your books as soon as they come out. Do you as a writer enjoy writing these stories. I Love the Alpha male in your books. Please don’t comprise the way you write for people don’t understand. Nobody forcing them to read the books. that a feel good books.. Please just keep on writing . God bless you. Keep being that Alpha female. Thank


  27. Kit said:

    Peoples issues with whatever you’re writing are not your problem..I seriously wish you could forward those idiotic comments to your butterflies and we’ll address them on your behalf..but I digress..Keep doing you!! Huge fan and I enjoy escaping to the Fictional world you create with each and every one of your books that I’ve read thus far.


  28. Tracy said:

    I love your books your writing is amazing. I work in the health care it has been so stressful at late, so when I need to be taken away I read one or more of your books, please don’t let what people say change who you are, he would destroy all your fans we love you for you. God put you on this earth for a reason and he knows what he is doing so let’s not upset him. Love ya mamma B.


  29. Stephanie said:

    I can’t believe that there are people out there who are complaining about this stuff. Seriously it’s a book. It’s fiction. If you don’t like the subject then do t read it that’s been my thoughts the entire time. No one should police what someone else reads or likes. Everyone needs to grow the duck up and accept that not everyone wants vanilla. Look at the world around us and realize that we need to let people live their own lives and enjoy themselves. I love everything you write and I personally think you should never stop. Narrow minded people should learn to keep their opinions to themselves


  30. audettedooldetsinbaby said:

    When your causeing a stir in emotions doesn’t that mean your doing something right? Isn’t that what a writer suppose to do? There are some of your book’s that are not for me so I don’t read them. It doesn’t mean anything other than it’s just not for me. So if you don’t like or you have an issue with her books don’t buy them and move on.


  31. Rosa Newton said:

    I can’t believe this is still an issue. I love your books. They are great and I enjoy the heck out of them. Even though in real life I wouldn’t be able to release that much control, I sure as heck enjoy the idea and fantasize being able to do so. You have disclaimers and if people still decide to read one of your books and it makes them uncomfortable then stop reading. Of course common sense, manners and decency are in short supple in the US right now so there is that. SMH


  32. Tamara Webster said:

    Someone is going to find a reason to complain about something. They no longer day I don’t like that and move on with their life. They act like petulant children and throw a fit until they get the attention that they need. They aren’t happy until they make someone else unhappy and second guess themselves. You have a wonderful and creative mind, with the books you’ve written we get transported to another realm where we can forget for a time. Thank going or sharing your characters with us.

    I wrote this on FB too.


  33. Pam said:

    You’re right. It is make believe. You the author, have total control of the story and characters. That is what makes it YOURS. If someone does mot like your story or how you wright…they can change books, lay it down, or even throw it out if they feel that stronly about it. But, you do not have to change how you write or change a story to fit someones elses idea of your books. They can write their own! We love you how you are.


  34. Samantha said:

    What’s the point of writing fiction if you’re not writing fiction? I enjoy reading your works, not just what you write but the way that your write. If I ever feel a line is crossed when I am reading a book by any author I recognize that the line is mine, not theirs and put the book down because it’s not for me. That’s won’t stop me from picking up a different book by the same author


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