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June 23, 2018

Good morning butterflies. This is for my kindle unlimited users. Another author asked a question of amazon and this was the reply. Please read carefully and if you do this, not only with my books but other authors I ask that you reconsider. This simply means that if you borrow a book and read in page flip mode on your device, the author is not getting paid. Thank you.

I am sorry to inform that the pages viewed in Page Flip mode do not count toward pages read.

We do not see any material amount of reading happening within this feature, but we will continue to monitor it closely. As intended, we’re seeing that customers use Page Flip to explore and navigate in books while automatically saving their place.

I appreciate your understanding on this regards.

Thanks for using Amazon KDP.

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  1. Gina Hoilman said:

    I always go to end of book and never use whatever flip thing is.


  2. Anonymous said:

    What exactly is flip page mode? I always read through and then make sure I end at 100%.


  3. Anonymous said:

    I own 80 of your books. A lot of them I read over and over. Keep them coming. Love ya have a good day


  4. Joyce said:

    I don’t think I use the flip page mode. I assume it looks like you’re turning a page like a actual book. I navigate by tapping. Sometimes I use the table of contents because I heard that helps the author know their book us read. Please let us know what is the best way to navigate a KU so the authors get paid.


  5. Meghann Bunch said:

    How do know if I am using flip page?


    1. Travelgal1022 said:

      YouTube has a video explaining the feature. I tried to paste the link to a previous comment but it didn’t post.


  6. Naomi johnson said:

    Can i turn the page flip off


    1. Melanie Neugebauer said:

      Just make sure that the full book is visible while reading. There is no way I have found to turn it off.


  7. Sharae Thornton said:

    Hi all!!! I apologize, but I am so confused as to what ‘page flip’ is exactly! I have searched while reading a book for a button or what not so that I can disable it, but have been unsuccessful. Don’t get me wrong, I love using Kindle Unlimited, but if they are not paying the authors due to this page flip, which I am now starting to believe comes with the app, then that is just flipping wrong!!! If anyone can explain to me please what page flip is though, I would greatly appreciate it so that I can avoid doing/using it. Thanks!


  8. Carmen Townsend said:

    Is that the same as curl ?


  9. Anonymous said:

    Go in your kindle under settings. It’s under page curl. And then turn it off.


  10. P said:

    i found how to turn off page curl if it the same thing as page flip. You go inside a kindle book and using your finger tap the screen, a set of setting icons pops up. Click on the there’s dogs on the far right. Then scroll down to additional settings click on it. Scroll down to where it says page curl and slide it off. if it is turned off it should be a grey color.


  11. P said:

    Click on the three dots. Text was changed after I typed it.


  12. Jeannette said:

    How do I know I am on page flip mode


  13. Barbara said:

    I normally buy your books because I like re-reading them. I do use Kindle Unlimited though, especially for authors that are new to me. It seems grossly unfair not to pay authors though. The reasoning seems flimsy at best.


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