Jordan Rants

March 31, 2021

So, I am a nonconfrontational nutbag. I can rant and rage at inanimate objects though with the best of them but nothing gets my goat faster than an azzhole in the wild. A few things have gotten on my nerves this week and I figure I should get them off my chest before shiz gets real. Number one, telling me that something is FDA approved don’t mean shiz to me. The FDA and all organizations are made up of people and in case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know, human beings suck. These fuqs would sell their mother for a dollar. The FDA said it was okay to sell cloned meat without marking it as such so they can fuq off, but I digress. While we’re on the subject of people sucking, don’t let me see any of you azzholes that are calling this virus the China virus in Walmart, that would mean about ninety-five percent or more of you are going to starve. I know this quarantine is making some of you show your true colors aka your crazy is showing but for fuq sake get a grip. My body count is fixing to go way up if azzholes don’t stay off my cloud and out of my inbox. Go impale yourself on something hard if you’ve got nothing better to do with your damn time.



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  1. Aundrea said:

    Love your rant! To much ignorance out here, the fuck I look like giving my time to ignorant people that will just piss me the fuck off. Keeping my chakras aligned and working from home, my only option


  2. Alyson said:

    I have worked for our NHS all my adult life. Our vaccines are good and are saving lives
    I do not know what evidence you have seen and I know nothing about American vaccines but ours I recommend as do 34 million other people.


  3. Chrissy said:

    When people ask if I’m getting the vaccine, I tell them I’ll wait, I don’t feel like being in “I Am Legend 2021”


  4. Kearstin said:

    Amen..ditto..preach..say it louder for the people in the back…and all of the above!!! I have zero tolerance for ignorance!


  5. Polly said:

    Hey. Nurse of 20+years here. Won’t touch that shit. The 3 pharmacists I work with aren’t getting it either. THEM I trust. The government is a bunch of shifty assholes. You go, Jordan!!


  6. judy said:

    god I love this girl


  7. Tina said:

    LOVE IT! Please don’t ever change….


  8. Yvette said:

    You said it, total nut jobs out there xx


  9. Merlita Hanson said:

    Hi Mama that’s where Lyons get these words from you are good.


  10. Carman Welsch said:



  11. Melissa Valentin said:

    I couldn’t have said it better


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