Jordan Rants

April 9, 2021

Maybe my allergies have made me muddle-headed but here’s a thought. The punks of the world, all those inadequate fuqs who got left behind and out of everything in school because they were lacking are now the bullies leading the so-called free world.  As if the earth wasn’t fuqued enough the last few years have brought the scum to the top of the pot…no thanks. Anyhoo, that’s not my beef today. I was wondering how it is that these yellow-bellied fuqs who stay on satan’s dick can have innocent kids in cages for years, but the azzholes threatening their national security get to go home and sleep in their beds at night. Just who in dafuq are you kidding with this shiz. I would like to ask you to get dafuq off my planet and stop stinking up my air I got shiz to do that does not involve dealing with your fuckery, like living a peaceful life. I didn’t see any of you dickless wonders when I was born and so I could give a fuq about you and your fake azz authority. Go choke on a mint or a dick whichever passes your lips first. On another note, readers, please stop sharing the news of the world with me, this is not a good thing. I’m damn near half rabid now

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  1. Lea said:

    Christ I love u right now ! AMEN sister ❤️


  2. Tami Putvin said:

    Amen sister! I miss you.. Love you lady


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