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January 26, 2022

Hello, is anyone there? Now that I’ve got your attention, look, I know the year just started and after the dysfunction of the last two years, people are on a whole other trip. But, I have to seriously ask. Who in the blue fuq opened a free azzhole dispensary? Are humanoids insane? Is that it? Has this plague ripped away the mask and exposed what lies beneath? Where do some of you get off with the fuckery that comes out of your mouths? If there’s nothing between your ears but fuzz, please steer clear of a bish like me because I have absolutely no fuqs to give, if you think I’m lying, ask my husband. He claims I gave away the last one back in 97 or 98, I wouldn’t know because I don’t keep track. Now here’s today’s dilemma. Some chick had the foresight and was not intoxicated when she decided to have unprotected sex not once not twice but three times starting about ten years ago. I think that’s about right because gremlin number one is nine. He was soon followed by the she-beast one year later, who is now eight and then there’s the angel (remember Lucifer is one of those as well) I’m not sure which stratosphere this one came from because there’s a look in its eyes that can swing either way. Anywho, due to recent events, the humanoid from whose loins they sprung has lost what few brain cells they haven’t eroded and thinks it’s a good idea, that she, the swinging appendage she married and her spawn should take up residence in my humble abode for the foreseeable future. Now I’m not sure how the rest of you humans deal with such blatant disrespect, but for me, these are fighting words. Anyone who threatens my peace and mental health is the enemy and must be destroyed. Apparently, this was not the correct answer, and neither was telling her to yeet her azz out of my breathing space. Since I’ve been in my writing cave for some time, it may be that I have lost touch with common decency as she has accused, so I leave it up to you, my readers, the ones responsible for my lack of social etiquette to tell me if I am wrong. I await your decision.

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  1. Marta said:

    life is tough she needs to pull up her big girl panties and take control of her life you are not responsible.


  2. Marleen said:

    Just nope. Boundaries are SO SO necessary, especially with family. You keep doing you.🥰


    1. Marta said:

      I agree!


  3. Sandra Wiler said:

    Hey boss Tell them to Go Kick Rocks and move the Fu*% On
    Stay Safe Boss ! 😈😻


  4. Netitia Henry said:

    Time and time again I hear folks say it is better to give relatives some money to find somewhere to lay their head but never ever let them move in.


  5. Yvette said:

    Kick her out as you are so right


  6. Diwanna said:

    Hello to the naw naw! Some years ago I told my cuz she was welcome her devil naw naw, that little heifer was and still is the demon from hell . Cuz had thr nerve to bring her to my place after and grab her by the shirt and put her azz out side till the mother left


  7. Renee Sullins said:

    Wow! The AUDACITY. The unmitigated GALL.
    Dude. That’s your home and you have absolutely ZERO obligation to swing the door open wide and say “please! come in and disrupt my life!”
    I tried it once with a brother. I had to put my foot down and kick him to the curb for disrespecting my wishes about…everything.
    Stay strong! Don’t do it!


  8. Princess said:

    Nah. They have to bounce like Tigger. Your place your sanctuary


  9. ZZ said:

    I agree. Boundaries are wonderful and necessary. My mother has not been allowed in my house for over 9 years. About the time she called me Satan incarnate because I was raising my niece and stole her from mom when actually child protection and the court gave me custody due to her inability to care for my autistic niece. Craziness is in every family and install boundaries to protect those you love. Love the books, keep them coming!


  10. Tracy said:

    You are not wrong, don’t know what is going on in this world but it all needs to stop. No one should every disrespect your space and you.


  11. Jenni said:

    Why, just why, are some individuals so disrespectful when at another’s home? Would they tolerate that behavior in their home, not likely. I don’t get it either, if someone is extending their hospitality to you, be thankful, not rude.


  12. Kat said:

    2001 is when I lost my last nerve. I now have a prosthetic nerve and if it squeeks, everyone in my house knows to stay the fuq away. I’m with you Jordan. If she don’t git, show her the door with those cans from xmas if you have any left over ❤


  13. Tee said:

    Nope you are correct, your home is your castle, sanctuary and place of peace. Your way or the highway.


  14. Stella said:

    Just no will suffice.


  15. Lisa A said:

    You are not wrong. Your home your rules. Sounds like someone is taking kindness for weakness. Don’t let the door hit her in the ass on the way out.


  16. Laurie said:

    Oh, you are 100% correct. I refuse to accept bullshit or disrespect in my home. Throw them and their shit OUT.


  17. Trish said:

    Hell no. Your home. Your rules. The end


  18. jenny said:

    absolutely freaking not ?, you are not wrong . anyone who threatened my breathing space and mental health “tell them to kick rock” . We need you in your writing cave . anywho be brave and stand firm on your decision.


  19. Kathleen said:

    No I agree. Kick them to the curb. You don’t need that negativity in your space. Been there and did that and never again.


  20. F said:

    OMG!…. I totally agree with you. I dont know where is everyone’s common sense and courtesy…. Dont understand, how a person would not only impose themselves but others to someone’s house…


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