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January 24, 2022

I know in the world we live in it’s customary to blame the victim, i.e, little sister screws your fiance and you kick both to the curb, tell the entire family the truth. In the beginning, they are rightfully pissed off and act like they have some sense. But lo and behold, skankonia turns up pregnant and she and the dickless termite decide to tie the knot. Here comes what I can only term as the demented uterus, aka mom, who suddenly has grandbaby fever and she pleads with you to forgive and forget. You, rightfully still pissed the fuq off say no way in hell. Suddenly you are the one in the wrong, you’re destroying the family and you’re now on facefuq asking if you’re the azzhole. You are the azzhole for even asking that question and nothing else. Where dafuq have spines gone? Is spine and balls removal a new medical breakthrough that helps combat Covid? Did some azzhole scientist somewhere discover that being a doormat with half a brain cell is the way to longevity? I would appreciate it if anyone, family included reading this would stay the ever-living fuq out of my inbox with the fuckery. I’m with the chick that told the twisted chromosome posing as a mother to yeet. Maybe if you had raised that harlot of Babylonia better she wouldn’t have done what she did, you immoral waste of oxygen. And that goes for any of you out there doing that skeezy shiz. Dafuq is wrong with humanoids? I wish all cheaters a raging case of Herpes with a side order of crotch rot, now sod way dafuq off.

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  1. Carlena said:

    I hear yea!! My husband cheated with my so called friend, that I am the godmother to her 4 kids!! I left him and she left her husband for mine!! They think because now I live in another state that I don’t know they are together! Our children aren’t allowed to go stay at his place. I also home they both get multiple STD’S!!


  2. joy PURCELL said:

    Revenge is definitely called for. Now.


  3. Stephanie said:

    OMG. I love you!!! Well said!!!


  4. Tracy said:

    Well said, you are the best.


  5. Ali said:

    This is why I love and I mean love your books . There is no gray you did me wrong and I’m done with you , there is no explanation or excuses . When you cheat its not an accident.


  6. Tina said:

    Sh$y yea!


  7. Yvette said:

    Well said 👏 👏👏


  8. Kat said:

    Yes!! I so agree. Family just wanna do fuqed up shit, then wanna turn around and get together on holidays/cook outs. Especially the rents. (You wrong bc they’re azzholes.) I just shake my head and walk away (go home). I so agree with you.


  9. Carman L Welsch said:

    I would kick them out of my life !! No looking back .


  10. anangelmagnet said:

    Exactly, speak


  11. Sarah said:

    Ain’t that some bullshit bloody twatwaffles


  12. Samantha Young said:

    Girl! There is a reason i live more than 6 hours from family i create enough of my own dramas i dont need family adding to it, plus like yourself i tend to chose the no brainer side not popular but hell i sleep like a baby tyvm absolute in my strive for the truth painful or not path , so preach girl you know your right…nuff said


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