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November 7, 2017

This article sums up something I have been trying to say for a very long time. In the past three years more people have stolen my work than have bought it. To all those who are so put out about me not releasing the final book in the SEAL Team series, I’ve tried to explain before, maybe this will do a better job. And while you’re reading, try to imagine your employer asking you to work for free, or not paying you for the work you’ve done. For those of you who don’t get it, who will continue to STEAL I sincerely hope you reap what you sew.


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  1. Sara said:

    Its sad that people find it OK to steal anything. If you can’t afford it than get from a library or borrow from a friend til you can buy it. Hell do what I used to due alternate buying books with a friend you but book 1 they buy book 2 but don’t just outright steal someones work.


  2. Amanda Zink said:

    I’m not put out by you not releasing the last SEAL Team book. I just love your books SO MUCH that I’m so excited and anxious. This is such an exciting / erotic series that I’m struggling with showing my patience. Thank you. I really enjoy reading your work.


  3. Linda said:

    Well said Jordan, there is no excuse for stealing, and with the digital ebooks making book buying that much more affordable it is a disgrace for anyone to be taking something they haven’t paid for. There are so many ways for people on tight budgets to still be able to have access to books without resorting to stealing, its really not hard to understand if we steal an authors book, then they dont get paid which means they have to go out and work different jobs to make money , which then means less time for writing, and Less books for fans…… Stop stealing from Authors you wouldn’t work for free so why should they……..


  4. Denise Collins said:

    I had no idea. I have always paid for the privilege of reading your books and find it a disgrace people pirate them. I’ve never even seen a way other than through your site or Amazon. I, too, have been waiting patiently, well most times anyway, for conclusions to a number of your books and didn’t understand why it was taking so long when you were writing other stories. Well, this article does explain why. I hope there is a way to remedy the theft so those of us that do pay can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.


  5. barbarapearman said:

    I find it hard to understand why people who can easily afford to buy books, consider it acceptable to steal them. Unfortunately more and more people are proud of the fact that they can get something for nothing and this seems to apply with all sorts of things. These people are thieves. They steal people’s work, ideas and materials. Instead of feeling shame, they often boast about how clever they are. Nothing will change until society at large recognises and condemns this kind of theft as the abhorrent and selfish behaviour it is.
    I am so sorry that you Jordan, along with many other writers are deprived of your rightful income by these ignorant morons.


  6. Sherilyn Amy St. Louis said:

    I HONESTLY don’t know how people get away with that shit!!!!! It infuriates me beyond anything that people can do this to someone who works so hard for their readers!!!! It’s the most disrespectful and disgusting thing to do. Authors books are their livelihoods. If you owned a business and someone just came in and took it from you, stating it was theirs, what’s the difference. You’d loose everything you worked so hard for. It’s absolutely a shame that there aren’t s reciter laws that could prohibit or at least be reinforced for those who think they can steal someone else’s livelihood and get away with it. I’d pay triple for any book any one of my favorite authors write and Jordan happens to be at the top of that list.

    You also can’t let this stop you. When you do your letting these disgusting human beings get the upper hand. They know you’ve been affected and they want that. I know absolutely jack shit about the book writing field but I just hope that there are stronger laws or regulations being placed that support the author. This I hope!!!


  7. coonazz59 said:

    I have NEVER and would NEVER , EVER buy a pirated book. I believe in paying for your work. If I don’t see what I want on your sites or on line stores like barnes and noble or amazon , I don’t get anything . I respect your work.


  8. Anonymous said:

    I hate this for you and for us that Love your writing!! We want you to be able to create your work not be hindered by thieves!!! What is wrong with people! You are my favorite writer please don’t stop!


  9. Nisan said:

    Stealing is stealing. Doesn’t matter if its movies, music and especially books. These things take time, talent and a passion for the work. If you are buying pirated books, or passing along pirated books YOU ARE A THIEF. That makes you a liar too. Shame, shame. Hope everyone passes this article along.


  10. Cristal Hill said:

    It’s a terrible thing when someone steals your personal thoughts and words because that is what plagerism is. It is a crime, I had to take an ethics course in college and plagerism was a big part of it, a person can be kicked out of school or sued or in some cases, jailed. It is a crime to take what doesn’t belong to you so anyone saying it is ok is saying it’s ok to steal from people. I am willing to wait for the next one and I am willing to pay for it. It’s too bad there is no way to prevent piracy because I love your books. Of the handful of authors I read on a regular basis you are my favorite, I’ve read everything, some I’ve read twice. I’m sorry this is happening to you and other writers. Hopefully something can be done, I just hope you keep writing because I will keep buying!


  11. Amber Johnson said:

    I completely understand.. I would pay full price for any of your books. Whether from you personally or from a store like Barnes and noble… I really hope that eventually you would finish the deal series I’m doing to know how it ends. I hope people understand what your trying to convey in this msg


  12. Paula Withrow said:



    1. Paula Withrow said:



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  13. kim835 said:

    Well stated mama J. You could not have said it any planner!


  14. Tracy said:

    I love all your books and I am sorry all this happens to you. I buy all my books if I want them I buy them and I always want yours. That is why I have an Amazon card lol


  15. Shawna said:

    That article was a HUGE eye opener!! 4 million pirated books in a year is insane & not all of those books were from authors whose names are easily recognized as NY Times best selling authors. There was independent authors doing these books on their own, case in point Jordan & some people think it’s OK to steal their work? Completely insane!!
    I’m nowhere near perfect or an angel but I couldn’t steal something someone put a lot of hard work & time & themselves into & feel OK with myself stealing their hard work. If you don’t want to buy a book when it first comes out because of the price wait a bit & the price will drop,or go to the library & borrow it or see if it’s on Kindle unlimited. Don’t steal someone else’s work & think it’s just this once I’ll do it they won’t miss the money from 1 book. You don’t know what they make on those books & honestly it’s none of your business Pay for the damn book!!
    I hope the business of pirating books stops for all authors but especially the independent authors like Jordan!!
    Thanks for the link to the article Jordan it was really eye opening on how many books are pirated.


  16. Megan said:

    I love all of your books and either bought or read through Amazon/Kindle. My only issue since you switched to the new way is that I can’t seem to download correctly after buying. The last book I bought I still haven’t read because I thought I downloaded correctly and then it wouldn’t let me retry. I admit to being technically challenged.


    1. jordansilver144 said:

      Send me a screen shot of your receipt and I’ll send it to you


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