January 31, 2021

Hello, my lovelies. I know you’ve noticed my radio silence since leaving social mindfuq and it’s been wonderful. Some of you may not have noticed or did not get the memo, but I have checked out and switched off. This selfish bish has decided that she no longer cares about anything so all social justice warriors take an arena of seats and bugger off. My peace is more important than anything you have to say and I don’t care what you make of that. With that said, I have decided that I will be using this space from now on to rant about whatever the hell I want because I pay for it. For the last little while, my pet peeve of choice has been forceful step-parenting. I’ve been hearing some horror stories that make me want to break out the cross and beat some people over the head with it, so before I end up in jail, let’s work this shiz out.

Number one… If you marry and or date someone who has a kid, you are NOT that kid’s parent, so stop trying to take his or her mother or father’s place. If the kid does not want to call you mom or dad, take a seat and shut dafuq up, just because their parent chose some new dick or snatch, they didn’t. Please stop mistreating people’s kids because you better believe, it’s coming back on yo dumb azz.

Number two… If you have kids and pick up with someone new, please stop allowing this hag or dumbfuq to mistreat your kid. Your kid is your responsibility, dick or snatch can not be good enough to make you lose your ever-loving mind, you simple-minded nitwit. The thing both camps are forgetting is that those kids were made by Yah (go impale yourself on a cactus without drawers if you even think about coming at me about my belief in my heavenly Father). He sees everything you’re doing to His creation so keep it pushing and take yo evil azz out before He does.

Number three… Some of these kids are what you’d expect to get if you crossed Cerberus with Medusa, so walk good (Tread carefully) you go fuquing with Rosemary’s baby, you’re on your own. If you hold your hand out to a dog and it snaps you won’t put that shiz back in case it bites. Leave Chucky’s offspring to his or her mother and father.

This is not to say you can’t have a relationship with your step-kids. Just stay in yo lane because if you meet a bish like me, and you try to rule my kid because my husband was dumb enough to leave me for you, oh you best believe I’d be in that azz. People do not like strangers trying to raise their kids, and that’s exactly what you would be. Try to put yourself in this mother or father’s place. How would you feel if your spouse moved on and then tried playing house with their new side azz and your kid? fuq outta here! I for one would burn the shiz to the ground, just saying. (Please don’t commit arson, it’s a crime)

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to address satan’s side bishes who keep emailing me dumb fuckery. Stop, just stop. If I cared, I would’ve asked, since I didn’t it means I ran out of fuqs. DILLIGAF.

With this week’s lesson out of the way, don’t forget to sign up for Patreon and get all the good shiznet. Patreon peeps, thanks for hanging in there, the freaks are coming out of the woodwork and I can’t write fast enough. That azzhole Riley is on some shiz so stay tuned. Peace out…

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  1. Valerie Carter said:

    Ms. Jordan you nailed it


  2. Meagan said:

    Honestly you have been one of my favorite authors since I started on kindle. I’ve had Patreon, I’ve followed everything you do. I’ve loved your writing. Reading this though honestly made me struggle with with wanting to continue supporting you.
    Let me tell you about my day as a “Step mom”
    5:30am I wake up, get dressed
    6:00am I start breakfast for my “step son”
    6:30am I wake him up, help him find the clothes I just laid out for him but he can’t find them right in front of his eyes.
    Have him eat, brush his teeth, comb his hair and style it the way his daddy does it because he just can’t get it right at 7 years old. We get everything by the door double check everything’s off in the house. Get in the car go over spelling words because he struggles with spelling so we do that a lot. We listen to songs and laugh as we both sing out of key. We get to school, I work at his school. We walk to his classroom together. We then work on his homework in my classroom after school, make sure it’s done so when we get home we can play and spend time together as a family and not worry about homework. At 5;30 I start dinner, we eat, while his dad and him watch tv or play video games, I make his lunch, pick out his clothes for the next day, make sure everything is ready for him the next day. We then start nightly routine, after his shower he lays in bed with us while I read him his favorite book series. We then tuck him into his bed. He sleep walks and has awful night terrors and I’m up with him about 3-4 times a night on a good night. We then start this over again the next day.
    I have been in MY sons life since he was two. We have gone through two court battles, to get custody because in the state of TX trying to get custody for a child if you aren’t his “mom” is probably one of the hardest things ever. His “mom” had him around child molesters, drugs, and any other thing you could possibly think about. Four-five degree burns on his back and shoulders because she was to drunk to put sun screen on his four year old body and left him in the sun for hours to bake. Left him in the hotel bathroom while she screwed a man and did drugs in the other room.
    I was 19 and he was Two when I started dating his father married his father when I was 21 and he was 4. I dropped out of college, because of court case number one. Tried to go back but dropped out again with court case number two with 15 hrs left. Quit an amazing job with great benefits to be able to work better with his schedule.
    So next time you want to say something about a step parent not being the child’s mother or father: You should really think about it. Millions of family’s have a story like ours. Millions of children don’t know birth mom or birth dad and have “step mom or step dad” but they are Mom and they are dad. It does not take blood to be a mom or dad. It takes LOVE, DEVOTION, PATIENCE, CARING, TEARS and a thousand other things to be a parent. Are you going to say my daughter who we are in the process of adopting isn’t my child as well since she isn’t mine or my husbands by blood?
    Usually I don’t reply or say things to anyone about anything but I just spent the last six hours of my life making 40 cupcakes icing and decorating everyone of them while my 7 year old “step-son” and 3 year old “adoptive daughter” are throwing sprinkles, icing, and batter everywhere. On my walls, on the dogs on themselves and each other. While screaming at the top of there lungs, two trips to the grocery store because I forgot the dang eggs, a trip to my mother in laws because I ran out of food coloring. Now tell me again how I am not his “mother” please tell me? I just sat at my kitchen table to to look at my phone after bathing them for the second time tonight, bathing a 100 pound dog, and scrubbing my kitchen down. Crying wondering how other mothers seem so perfect, and can do everything perfect and my cupcakes look like a 2 year old did them. So I thought to myself I’ll see if Jordan has put any new books out that will make me feel better. I see she doesn’t have an Instagram so I go to her website which is saved as an icon on my phone. To see this is what she writes….. honestly you probably don’t care, and that’s fine. I said what I wanted to say and you don’t need me to support you. You have plenty of supporters. I said what I wanted/needed to say. I hope you can see though where you possibly could have said things differently.


    1. Jordan Silver Post author said:

      I think you need to reread what I wrote. If the kid does not want to call you mom, do not force them. I didn’t read past drug dealers and child molesters because what you are explaining has nothing to do with the post above. I’ll cover that in horrible parents, but the above post is strictly about trying to force a child to call you mom or dad if that child does not want to. For example, you have listed everything you do for this child as if keeping score and it’s a lot, but if at the end of the day that kid still loves his mom, you or no one else has the right to tell him he can’t. You wouldn’t want it done to you. Does that mean that the mom is deserving in an adult’s eyes, no, but she gave birth to him and that’s a bond no one on earth can break easily. As to not buying my work or leaving Patreon, that is your choice. I will never compromise my beliefs or what I hold true for money.


  3. Ace said:

    Fucking amen!!!


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