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November 29, 2019

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  1. Tracy Goode said:

    What’s this about


    1. Jordan Silver Post author said:

      This is not for Patreon patrons your shirt is going out Monday


  2. Stupidlamb71 said:

    Yay 😃


    1. Melissa said:

      Love it! Love me some Colton😍


    2. Melissa said:

      ! Love me some Colton😍


      1. Gina said:

        ☹️I don’t have Twitter, but I love all ur books Jordan. Keep being you. Love u💙💜🧡


    3. Megan said:

      Love your books been stalking you fpr years on butterfly club


  3. Cristal Wilson said:



  4. Barb said:

    Woohoo…Cheers and thanks for the chance. Hope you have an Amazing Christmas


  5. judy crock said:

    I need me some colyton lyon for the chriisy hols and to you a merry christmas


  6. Victoria said:

    Yes, thank you and have a great holiday


  7. Mindy Reader said:

    Thank you sooo much for the chance ❤️❤️


  8. Christine Wiseman said:

    I think if I could have just one book boyfriend it would always be Colton Lyon, love everything about him. Thank you for the chance of pretending he’s mine x


  9. Mimi said:

    So excited I can’t wait thank you mama B


  10. Mimi said:

    So excited !!! thank you mama B ending the year with a kick .


  11. Michele said:

    Well Twitter hates me! Won’t let me copy URL from my phone. And I already follow Momma B so it is not giving me credit for that


    1. Jordan Silver Post author said:

      Don’t worry about it butterfly I’ll just add your name when I’m doing the raffle. Remind me when we get close lest I forget


  12. Lisa said:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family!


  13. Miriam said:

    Exited to end the year in a positive note . Mama b thank you for Katie and Todd story.


  14. Tasha Cogan said:

    Please I definitely want a shirt
    .answer my whole book lol


  15. Tasha Cogan said:

    Thank you so much for my gift. I can’t wait to get it my email address is tcogan1983@outlook. Com or pm me or shot call me 843-543-7634


  16. Tasha cogan said:

    Merry Christmas to me love you all


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