Happy New You

January 6, 2021

Hello, my lovely butterflies, I hope you’ve started off this new year very well. Mama has some words of wisdom to impart, not that anyone asked, but since this is my website my field of fuqs is once again barren. Anyhoo, how many of you like me, are known as the family nutter? Did this phenomena begin when you finally snapped after years of bullshit? Did you finally have enough and told aunt somebody or uncle Gus to go impale themselves on a cactus without any drawers on? If so, then I’ve got good news, continue being the family nutter, telling the truth is the only therapy you need and will keep your azz off of medication. When dealing with faaaaamily, remember that most of them are blood-sucking succubi who care only for themselves but will be quick to tell you how you should learn to forgive and forget. One thing people forget about forgiveness is that it needs to be asked for by the one in the wrong who also needs to be genuinely repentant of whatever assholery they have infracted upon you. For your own peace of mind, you should forgive this person but keep a wide berth around you at all times. If your sister screwed your husband and mommy dearest want you to sit at the dinner table with this hag politely ask her to go choke on a wishbone, that’s not a mother, that’s an enabler who incubated you for ten months. A real mother would tell the slag that she bore where to get off end of story. This coming year those of us who are the ones to take low in all situations will lose our shiznet once and for all. We will not put up with the fuckery any longer (I say we and us as a sign of solidarity but it has been a long while since I put up with anyone’s fuckery I love myself too much). We will cut ties like a motherfuquer with any ish who crosses the line. We will seek peace and happiness and cut anyone who brings darkness to our door. Now go forth and be the new wonderful you…

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  1. Sharon said:

    Hi Jordon what is your other names do you write under. I am searching my kindle but I cannot remember for the life of me lol


  2. Anonymous said:

    fuck yeah boss!! Love you BoSs Happy New Year! Thank U For keeping it 100% Real X0X0


    1. Sandra Wiler said:

      Didn’t leave my details


  3. Mrs yvette newton said:

    Love your words of wisdom they are so true xx


  4. Karen Brown said:

    Relate!!!!! Relax!!! Release!!! Big Time Relief!!! 😎—-Coollin Me Out—–😁—-πŸ’˜ To The 🌎!


  5. Barbara Pearman said:

    Thank you Jordan. It took me years to realise that I didn’t have to put up with nonsense just because it was ‘family’. Once you can see clearly what these self-centred individuals are about, it’s much easier to protect yourself from them. Telling the truth is one way. Those who like to make other people miserable hate hearing the truth especially if you can remain cool and calm while delivering it! xx


  6. Fabiola Cadet-Destil said:

    Thank You Queen ⭐⚑


  7. Anonymous said:

    F… that I would be man less, sister less and mum less there is no coming back from that for me even if kiddies are involved!!!!!


  8. Tracy said:

    Thank you needed to hear this.


  9. Megs Marshman said:

    Amen!! Be that b’ich and ice a mofo out, family tried to play heart strings last year by having me pay for their cost of living, once I realized they ducking unicorns i flipped the script and now i cant even see their unicorn fairy dust in the wind, ie they dont move in my town when they know when I am out amd about, this unpredictable bish might have their business widespread publicly NOT that i wud but i thrive of the fear….this is what you get when surrounded by sisters who back your crazy, love you mamma and the butt erflies🀣🀣


  10. Tamara Webster said:

    Testify! It causes so much anguish when you don’t let it out.


  11. Taneka Maragh said:

    When I read your post its like you look inside of me and see exactly what I’m feeling.


  12. redzwiv said:

    Oh my…I am wiping my eyes! I have a new sister in arms…I too had to cut loose a sister that thought her sh*t did not stink!


  13. Meme said:

    Beautifully said!!!


  14. coonazz59 said:

    True dat , I have no give a Shiz about the idiots who think they rule my world . The Holy Ghost and I have that covered . I often tell my hubby to sit on a cactus when he’s acting like an idiot . I pray for our country right now .


  15. Ari said:

    Amen sister. Enough with the bs!!! Live your life and screw everyone else…


  16. Thischickloves2read said:

    I love you… and your realness.


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