Happy New Year

December 31, 2021

Well, it’s that time again and the same people are around me so, one more year I was able to stay out of jail praise be. I just wanted to jump on here and wish all of you what I wish for myself, a happy and healthy life free of bullshit and drama fuckery that don’t make no damn sense. Also, a reminder, No is a complete sentence, so is sod off, fuq off, get fuqued and go fuq yourself, use them liberally because they’re only breeding azzholes these days and nobody got time for that. Use your words and not your hands, or in some cases, (ahem, you know who you are), guns. Try to stay out of trouble, ignore the known azzhole in your life because somebody gave these fuqs wings and they on that shiz twenty-four seven. Keep your nose clean and stay out of shiz that has nothing to do with you. In the words of Lyon, don’t know shiz. If something is of no benefit to your growth, nix it. With that said, you know my new year mantra every year. Don’t ask me fuq stupid questions, I don’t give a fuq, I won’t ever give a fuq, I’m too in love with me to let anyone bother me and steal my peace. Go forth and have fun, eat drink and be merry and remember, everything that’s hidden will come to light so stop doing shiz you know damn good and well you ain’t supposed to be doing. Peace.

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  1. Larosfe said:

    You’re hilarious, I luv it and dang straight. Happy New Year you crazy you! And be safe, Peace be with you as well.


  2. Sophs said:

    God’s Blessings for a happy, healthy and successful 2022. Stay safe.


  3. Glyn Lyons said:

    When will you have more books regarding the Lyon/Mancini stories?


  4. Barbara Hahn said:

    Happy New Year Jordan. Thank goodness for my sister who’s now caught me up on all the books I’ve missed!!! I wish everyone a much more positive year in 2022. Not easy share caring for my mum who’s 91. My sister and I go to bed after exhausting days to get lost in your stories. Keep safe


  5. Tracy said:

    Happy New Year, Healthy and Happy to you and your family


  6. Raelene Smith said:

    Hopefully this year will be better than last
    Happy New Year


  7. Celeste said:

    I am pretty sure 2022 is going to be another ass fuck. And not in a good way


  8. Treeks said:

    Lol, Amen to ALL that! Happy New Year!


  9. Netitia said:

    2021 worst year of my life, I lost my love . I dont know what this year will bring. . I have to get up each day and be a mom for my son so its one day at a time.


  10. stephanie said:

    Happy New Year!!!


  11. Crystal Miller said:

    Happy New Year!!!


  12. Yvette said:

    Happy new year I hope 2022 is amazing for you and yours xx


  13. Gina Hoilman said:

    Happy New Years Eve!! Hope you have a fun nite.


  14. Valerie J Horton said:

    Happy New Year and continued peace


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