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    Hey butterflies, what’s your favorite Jordan Silver book so far?

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    My all time favorite, the night Visits and the thrid wife. With the night Visits i love the dialog between her and her p*55y. I love that he can hear her thoughts. With the third wife, i love to see how each wife reacts to someone new in the marriage and how she reacts to the whole idea of sharing her husband. I would not be able to share whats mind.
    Love ya.

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    My all time favorite has to be Biker’s Baby Girl. I love how Creed treats Jessica. I love how protective he is!
    Honestly though, I have not found a book of yours that I didn’t like. I liked some more than others, but all in all I really enjoy your books. Thank you for all you do!!!

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    Tracy goode

    My favourite is Eden high I love the jace and sian stop closely followed by the lyon books

    Of momma’s recent books other than Eden high is the returned that showed a more matured story with lots of twists and turns

    I am enjoying tennessee heat and the incident was also brilliant with cami york this has shown what social media can cause this when you have been bullied online

    Can’t wait for adventure of the of the golden princess hope this will be out over next couple of days if not earlier (wink wink)

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    My favorite has to be the first book I read Brett’s Little Headaches. It was the book that got me hooked.

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      Brett’s Little Headaches was my first Jordan book so it’s up with my faves Taking What He Wants, Talons Heart, Passion, and the hot man trifecta of Coltan, Mancini, and the Seals. etc. This is like picking your favorite child. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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        You took the words right out of my mouth. You also have all of my all time favorites

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    Shakira Hinds

    My absolute favorite is the gambler. It’s so well written and I love the characters. Jenna just tugged at my heart strings and Andros is just about perfect. Second would have to be the champ, bikers law, talon’s heart, mouth and of course every thing that is Colton Lyon. Basically every book is my favorite.

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    Allie Stewart

    Well, MY SEALS – duh! What else would “Allie, The SEAL Trainer” pick? Too bad I can’t upload photos to show the other butterflies MY SEALS! However, I will add that Night Visits comes in a close second! Your ability to make me laugh is priceless!

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    Carrie Forrester

    Oh that’s a hard choice to make!! There is Bikers Babygirl, which was my first book by Jordan and the book that started my obsession!! But I love Broken, The Billionaire, Brett’s Little Headaches, Eveyone of the Law books, and Lyon. omg Lyon! Honestly I could go on forever lol

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    I love all your books, but my favourite is S Sassy curves, that is so funny and I hope the others get their story too. Lion and the seals are next along with eden high , ok love them all.

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    I can’t choose just one. There are many but each for a different reason.

    Talons Heart — I love how his whole world changes and he just goes with it because she’s that important to him…

    Broken — that he helps her come into her own. That she has such low self esteem and he helps her get it back.

    The Gambler — because it shows no matter how “different” you are, you are fully capable and deserving of love.

    The Incident — don’t ever give up. That even though she THOUGHT there was nothing to live for, she was fortunate enough to find out there was. Sometimes people need to hear this, even in a romance book it can “click” and make a difference.

    I can go on for almost every book you’ve written 😁. I LOVE the “girl is bullied (by anyone, family or at school or whatever) and the hot, popular guy comes along and loves her and protects her” trope. A lot of your books have a variation of that theme. ❤️❤️

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    My all time favorite has to be ‘Talon Heart’, the first Jordan silver book that I read and the one that got me hooked on Jordan’s books. It is my go to book if I’m going thru a reading dry spell.

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    My favorite is Soccer moms bad boy…..i love Dane. He was my 1st jordan book and still read it atleast once a month.

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    Can’t pick just one—Lyons books, Talons Heart, and the Incident. Jace and Sian were favorites, too!!!

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    Linda Kniffen-Wager

    My 2 favorites are Passion and Rebound. I’ve read them so many times.

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    Ginger Bott

    I can’t choose a favorite, but I first read Talon’s Heart and became hooked. Now I reread them all again and again. I will never get rid of my Jordan Silver books cuz I love them all. I can’t wait for the next book to come out. I especially love how the books are all starting to link in some way. I don’t know how you do it Mamma B, but you do great and I love you and your books.

    Thank you so much.

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    Kinda hard to choose…
    My go to are Bikers Law, The Brit,Dangerously In Love, all of Lyons books, Sassy Curves

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    They r all my favorite but my first book was seal team Conor

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    Oh my gosh love then all.
    My first book I’ve read of yours was Lyons Trilogy. Talon. Love My Brit.
    Enjoy all your books ❤️

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    Passion, Illicit, Talon’s Heart, Eden High, Kicking and Screaming, Taking What He Wants.

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    Michelle B

    Wow! Let’s see, for the standalones Broken (was just a beautiful book, it had all of the snark and sassy characteristic of a Jordan heroine and the hero was an alpha all the way with looks, character, caring attitude, body and sex that you could ask for and it was a beautiful story.) Talons Heart, Passion and Daughter-in-Law. But the third wife was such an interesting book and I loved it.

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    Talons heart by a landslide. I live howche cared for her when she was ill and waited until she was ready for a physical relationship.

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    So hard to choose – Biker”s baby girl,The Lyons series,Passion,Eden high,Talons Heart,Rebound,Bikers law,Broken and I can keep going . I’ve read them all at least twice and loved some a little more than others but it’s so hard to choose.

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    I love all of them but the wives and Lyon are probably my favorite

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    My favourites are
    Talons Heart
    Passion and Rebound
    Eden High Series
    Lyon series
    All of these I re-read when I’m in a book slump

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    Favorite books are the Gambler and Talon.

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    My favourite is Eden high followed by talons heart.

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    Get ready cause there are so many!
    Lyons series
    Edens High series
    SEAlS series
    Talons Heart
    My Best Friends Daughter series
    The Soccer Moms Bad Boy (mature mom with younger guy; what’s not to love)
    Dangerously in Love
    Brett’s Little Headaches

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    While I love your work the first book of yours I read Soccer Moms Bad Boy will always hold a special place. After I read that first one you were the only author I read for a week or more…It was awesome and I have bee fan girl stalking you ever since.

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    Hmmmmm…. well I love them all but I have to say that Talon’s Heart is probably my favorite. Or anything Lyon. Or the Daughter-in-law. Stop writing so many good books them maybe I can choose one.

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    Tracey Levesley

    After Lyon I like Family for Christmas

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    I love all of ur book: Soccer mom bad boy,gambler,broken,talon,ilicit,the brit,deception,passion,rebound,the soldiers lady, the homecoming,texas hellion,the champ and a lot more books.
    I can’t choose just one of them.

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    Merry jelks-emmanuel

    I have to agree I am a fan of all her books but I would have to go with the Spitfire and the Lyon Series.

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    It’s so hard to pick one, I love them all but the lyon series and the spitfire series i keep re reading lately. I love mouth so funny, but I wish I could meet my own Colton, he’s my favourite alpha male.
    Hoping there is more to come from that series.

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    I have two favorites which are Passion and Talon’s Heart

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    While my all time favorite alpha (and there are so many GREAT ones) is Lyon, the book I read every time I need a pick me up, feel good, need a laugh (coz my girl friends are working) is Sassy Curves. Oh my goodness that book should be platinum.

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    I may be a freak but dangerously in love and fervor are my favorite

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    Stalin’s Heart, Passion, I loved the entire Eden High series, Bretts little headaches. Of course the sadist, t-bone, breeder are amazing as well. I could go on and on

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    Talin’s Heart, Passion, I loved the entire Eden High series, Bretts little headaches. Of course the sadist, t-bone, breeder are amazing as well. I could go on and on

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    I will only tell two choices:
    2 books I did not like; the wives and the third wife. I love harem but inverted.

    While I love all the books one is above all for me. The Gambler. Don’t judge me, I am a retired kindergarten Teacher. Never had an autistic pupil, but did come across some dyslexic ones.

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    I love all your books and i feel like i’m betraying the others by choosing just one. i have read most of the books more than once (some even 3-4 times)… Sassy curves is my go-to down-in-the-dumps-pick-me-up book… Talons Heart is my O-shit-my-want-to-read-list-is-empty … Lets just say i always find a reason to go back to one of my JS books 🙂
    Thank you very much for sharing your talent with us <3

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    Lynn Pingitore

    My favorite book or I should say books are the Colton Lyon Series and I love how they are tied in to the Eden High, Mancini and Seal Team stories. But I can’t get enough of Colton Lyon and his family.

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    My all time fav is Broken! I love how they just flow together!

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    The BEST Jordan Silver book is ***drumroll, please***
    Talon’s Heart. His absolute and complete fall into love is beyond compare. His protection, obsession and adoration for Skye is precious. And when they finally made love….hilarious!

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    Rose Newton

    I love so many but the first three that come to mind are passion, rebound and my seals series- all great. I started years ago with eden high, which I’ve reread so many times – double digits. Don’t even get me started on spitfire and daughter in law….love those too! I really couldn’t pick just one or even three.

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    cathy h

    Hi Ms. Silver,
    I would have to say it is between Broken and PPassion. It si an extremely hard choice. Your books for me allow an escape from reality. I personally love when you release a new book. But I can always reread your books. Thank you.

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    Kyle L

    I absolutely LOVED Broken and The Returned!! I’ve reread Broken so many times! However anything with your name on goes on my must read list!!!

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    I like brett’s little headache and lyon series. ❤️

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    my favorite is my little book of erotic * the wife*. bad luck Jordan has stopped in a suspense.

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    Monica J

    Lyons series. theere just something about that alpha male!!!!

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    Nancy Henry

    All of them. But Talon’s heart of Brady’s little heartache. But then again all of them.

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    Ms barker

    My all time favourite was the first Jordan Silver book I ever read…. Lyon book 1. Loved the alpha non nonsense character and devoured all the other books in the series. I could read about Colton, Kat, the children and the next generation every week if there were instalments! Thank you Jordan.

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    I loved Eden Hight but will be honest I was disappointed in the ending it felt rushed to me. My others are below

    Lyon’s crew series
    Sassy Curves
    The daughter in law

    I love most of the books there are not as many books around more humor and I actually enjoy reading those as well

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    Brett’s Little Headaches because it was my first. The Soccer Mom’s Bad Boy is a real close second.

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    Beth thornton

    Love them and will not choose, but adore Lyon!

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    Tasha cogan

    Colton Lyons for sure

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    I like your series Eden High, Seals, Lyon, and Babysitters Club best.

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    Sex and marriage was the 1st book I read that got me addicted to your books.

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    Ummm well where do I start. Sweet Redemption was my very first book by you. I gues my favorite is whichever one you are just releasing at the moment.

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    Kimberly Brown

    Lyon series, Seal Team 7, Passion, Rebound, Talons Heart, Sassy, Kicking and Screaming, Rough Rider, The Sweet series, Texas Hellion, Stryker, Bikers Babygirl. That is just a few!

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    Dangerously in Love

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    Talon’s Heart and Illicit are my top favourites.

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    Hmmmmmm I’m not sure I can choose lol I first fell in love with Jordan Silver books when I read Bikers Baby Girl so it holds a strong place in my heart but I absolutely love The Billionaire and Taking What He Wants.

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    I love Talon’s Heart and Passion.

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    Brett’s Little Headaches is my favorite. After that probably Talon’s Heart and The Gambler.

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    Rebecca Rannow

    That question is just to hard. How can I pick between so many?!
    Lyon’s- all of them… Cant even choose
    Talon’s Heart, Seals, The Gambler, The billionaire, Caleb’s blessing, Eden High, Flower in the Palace, The Returned, Passion, Rebound, The Dancer…. Okay yeah all of them. Im a big girl, you cant take me to a buffet of deliciousness an expect me to pick just one thing. 😊😊😊

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    My very first Jordan book was Bikers Baby Girl. I got hooked! However, I have to say that the books I have read over and over and over are the Lyon books. I love the Seals Law’s books and Mancini. Broken is awesome! Quite frankly I love them all!!

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    Becca Jean

    I like everything but my faves are your first books. Passion, The Billionaire, Talons Heart, Rebound 2, Dangerously in Love.

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    I can’t pick just one! Nope, just can’t do it.

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    Talons Heart and Broken

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    Mouth hands down. I enjoy the whole spitfire series but the first book will always be my favorite. I am intrigued by a relationship between her daughter and Lyon’s oldest son. I feel those personalities would be… Ahem…

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      Dont give me any ideas that damn Colton already gives me no peace

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    Got a few the gambler, talons heart and the lyon crew series they are my go to rereads if i wrote all the books i reread down it would be quite a long list x

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    My favorite book from Jordan was and always will be Lyons Crew, I loved it and the series. A second favorite for me is Brett little headaches.

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    Melanie Neugebauer

    My favorite is Talon’s Heart, but I own 53 of my favorites. I haveven reread all of them at least once, with some I reread over and over, such as: The Billionaire, Broken, Lyon’s series, Seal Team 7, all of the biker ones, The Spitfire series, Gabriel’s Promise, Sassy Curves, Sex and Marriage duet, The Gambler, The Brit, Bret’s little Headaches, The Soccer Mom’s Bad Boy and Caleb’s Blessing.

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    Kim Rivera

    Wow I have a few but I must say what got me started reading your books Lyon. He is still the man.

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    Elle Kyle

    It’s really hard to choose a favorite because they’re all my favorite…but the ones I keep re-reading over and over are:
    The Daughter-in-law
    Bretts Little Headaches
    Lyon Series
    The Passion/Passion 2
    Eden High Series (hate it’s over)
    The Good Girl, and
    Broken (absolutely loved💗!!!)

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    Kicking and Screaming, What He Wants, Redneck, Stolen, Broken are my favorites.

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    Stephanie Wilson

    My all time favorite Jordan Silver book…to hard to decide. I love The Lyon series, the Seals series, Talons Heart, The Brit, and Eden High. I can’t choose one.

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    Jenifer carr

    I love soccer mom but I think my favorite is Lyon. All though I loved the seal seven series. I love all your books though

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    Sandy May

    I love the Lyons series and where they cross into the Seals series. I also like the Sibling Rivalry set.

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    Favorite is very difficult. I can try to give top 5?

    Soccer mom
    The Gambler
    And I really loved teachers pet.

    It’s possible my favorites could change. I’m already thinking of switching up to Passion and Broken lol

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    Night Visits

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    The first Jordan Silver book I ever read was Talon’s Heart and I was hooked! My go to book is…The Champ!!! I haven’t found one book that I don’t like though.

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    Triplet mama

    Tie between The Soldier’s Lady and Soccer mom’s bad boy

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    Thalis thor

    The Lyon Book Series
    I love that I get to follow the the Lyon family story with Lyon the nut never get any peace. He is crazy possessive and he’ll never admit that shit.

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    Mountain Man… This book have distinctiveness that I love.

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    The Spitfire series tied with the Lyon series

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    Rose Newton

    I don’t have one but multiple books I love from you. They are Mouth/Spitfire series, Talon’s Heart, the Little Dancer, the Passion books, and Lyon’s trilogy. I re-read your books often.

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    OMG I can’t pick one. I actually re-read a book depending on my mood, How my day is going, or it is just calling me. Ultimately the Lyon and Spitfire series will always be my go to.

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    My fav. Is Conner’s book. I think its the first book of your’s i read! Got me hooked ! Followed closely by Broken.

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    Debra Meldrum

    It would be a 3way tie! The Brit, The Tryst and The Billionaire!

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    Annie K

    I have a lot of favorites. These are the the books I have read many times. All the Lyon books. All the SEAL Team books, Biker’s Baby girl, Starting Over, The Mancini books, Bad Boy, Biker’s Law, Man of Steel, The Anarchist series, Stolen, A Family for Christmas, Rough Riders, The Soccer Mom’s Bad Boy, The Homecoming, His Xmas Surprise, The Soldiers Lady, My Holiday Joy, Caleb’s Blessing.

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