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    Hi, Jordan and all the butterflies!!!! I have the day off school because it is snowing like crazy here! Thought I would stop in and see what our favorite author and all my fellow butterflies were up to. I got some light housework done and desert made for tonight. I am getting ready to curl up with a book— three guesses who the author is! I think that I am in the mood for Talon…

    Hope you are all safe and sound!!!!

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    Hey butterfly just saw this. I just finished BBW Babysitter’s club book 1 and updated Tennessee Heat and that has been my whole day so far. ABout to have tea with the hubby

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      Can’t wait to read the new book!!! Enjoy the time with your hubby, if he is anything like mine he is extremely busy!

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    Allie Stewart

    I love this post Dawn!!! I’m sitting here reading and listening to it rain! Peaceful way to spend a Friday night! Oh yeah, and laughing at the butterflies on FB – NUTS! Bwahaaaaaaa!!!

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      They do get going on FB!!!! My feed this morning had a video of a little girl—couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3—trying to do Karate. The instructor was trying to get her to break a board with her foot. She copied every move the instructor made, which was hilarious, and then finally ended up breaking the board by sitting on it!!! Even the instructors lost it!!! I love the good stuff!!!!

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    I am working like a Hebrew slave!

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