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      W. Elizabeth Mcneil

      I am somewhat of a newcomer to Jordan Silver, but after quickly devouring almost all of her offerings I’m in love. I do have a question, I remember reading somewhere that J.S. Had posted the difference between reading her books on unlimited or purchasing them. From the reader comment I got the sense it was better to buy than to use unlimited to read and reread. I was under the impression that “checking out”the books multiple times would generate more income for each reread. Could someone explain? I want to take the option most supportive to J.S.

      I was also wondering if the Patron was something that J.S. received directly. I’m all for supporting authors so that hopefully their income was enough to support them being able to just write.

      Side note, I love the way the characters from previous books tie into present ones. Seal team 7 and Caitlin always provoke a rereading of all the other books that tie in. It helps while waiting for the next offering.

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      Jordan Silver

      Hey butterfly sorry for the late reply I wasn’t receiving notifications from this page. When you re-read a book in KU the author only gets paid the first time if that answers your question. As to whether you should borrow or buy, that depends on your preference. As to Patreon, yes I get paid after a fee is processed through Patreon thanks for asking

Viewing 1 reply thread
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