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      Please stop it. Just stop it. Jordan deserves we honor her.Since 2013 she had started writing her novels sometimes more than half a dozen yearly. Then she stopped last year. Then the books she was working on were finalized and published. But she is no more. And hiding this is unworthy of her memory.
      Had she been still here, she would have answered when I was frantically searching for her. She would have responded to my RIP.
      Please let us grieve her. Don’t let her disappear as if she was unimportant.

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      She is not gone. She was on instagram Monday.

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      I’m confused. Since when is Ms. Silver dead?

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      Yolanda, SHE IS NOT DEAD!!!! Jordan posted on Instagram this week that she has been suffering with some female issues and that her “vagina” was dead. Some people can’t read I guess…

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      Oh thank God I was about to have a heart attack. I hope she gets better soon I miss her. Thank you for clarifying things for me.

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      Anytime sweetie! No worries (:

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      “Yolanda, SHE IS NOT DEAD!!!! Jordan posted on Instagram this week that she has been suffering with some female issues and that her “vagina” was dead. Some people can’t read I guess…”

      If you have been on her web page before you would have known the difference, her family is keeping her web pages alive.
      1.Jordan has always answered every post on her blog and forums whatever is written. The tone of her last post about the books we prefer is just wrong.
      2. Since November I’ve sent emails and messages that has remained without response. She always answer.
      If she was still there, you would know. Anyone can say my little butterflies, her page has now white, it never was before.
      And I have been following her since her first book.

      I love her. Not just for her books but for her exuberance. Someone who writes so many books every year would leave a message and tell us, she is slowing down.
      There are many authors who in the last 10 years had died and nobody cares. These people just disappear and if they had not announce their next book, you would never know.
      Incidentally Mancini story is not finished as well as the Anarchist.
      For the next year all her previous books are going to be re-published but no new one will be coming.

      I don’t believe in miracles and having passed so much time on the web page I know the difference. When it is her or someone else.

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      Honey, with all due respect, you need to chill! I help run her FB page and have FOR YEARS! I also have emailed with her constantly… She is fine and as she said on Instagram, once she gets over this peri-menopause, she will be back with us! Nobody is trying to pull one over on everyone and her family is not carrying her website! I don’t know why she hasn’t answered you… Maybe she is busy taking care of herself!!!!

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      Then I am so happy. I wrote a post where I dreamed of her. You should read it. Do you know her forum page was sort of pink. I know about menopause. It’s hell. Heat flush worse.

      Did you know? Linn Young wrote beautiful books not same as Jordan but a different style. I always bought her books on her blog, they weren’t sold anywhere else. She announced her next book and she just disappeared. Six months later her blog disappeared. Her books are still sold by Amazon. And Amazon is always asking are you Linn Young. This is so sad.
      So many others also lost. Elle Amour, Sullivan Clark and a few others I forgot about. If these authors had not announced their next book no-one would have been wiser. What angers me is that their books are still sold and it’s as if nothing matters apart selling. What about honoring them, offering them a tribute?

      I am sure you have come across some authors who you have not heard from for years.

      I am watching out for only three authors like a hawk: Lora Leigh, Cherise Sinclair and Jordan Silver.

      I really hope to die before them. Because the grief might just finish me.

      Thank you.

      Tell Jordan it doesn’t matter if she never writes a book, just stop by and yell I am still there. And tell her menopause is a bitch and it will take at least a decade to get used to.
      I’m still coping with mine. ^_^

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