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    Hi Jordan. Love your books and the various writing paths you take. However, I am wondering if you have a reading order list somewhere with regards to the Lyon, SEAL Team, Anarchist and few other books that seem to weave in and out of each other fairly consistently? Sometimes the cross over is a major plot point that takes up a couple of chapters.
    I have finished reading a number of the books and usually try to complete a full series in number order before moving on to another series. But I am finding that I cannot really do this with some of your series due to the cross over.
    If you have anything that you can either post here, put up on the website somewhere or send via email I would really appreciate. BTW – a number of other authors websites have reading order lists posted to help the reader properly follow story lines and/or characters that span two or more books.

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    Hi Jordan! I too have been wondering what the reading order is. I’ve starting reading some of your books and realized some characters pop up in some of the other books. Is there a specific order to read them or do characters just appear randomly without any time frame in the story line?

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    I would love your reading list. Even though I have every book you have written. And have enjoyed them all.

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