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      I love how Jordan Silver is drawing characters from her other books into her Caitlin and just wondered if the leads (Donovan and Shania) from Homecoming will make an appearance. They certainly would fit into this group and are two of my favorite characters. I was just re-reading Homecoming this weekend.

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      Jordan Silver

      Not sure butterfly

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      Yeah it would be awesome if that book was tied into this grouping based on what it deals with but I was thinking that the characters from the following stories or series would also fit since they are dealing
      with similar evil people: The Billionaire, Dangerous Love, the Passion series, and Talon’s Heart !

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      W. Mayor

      Hi. Love all the series. I was wondering if there was a particular reading order for all the books and that the together.
      Making my day, one book at a time.

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      Presently reading the Spitfire series…can you tell me when/or if The Family: the Spitfire Book 4 will be released in paperback? I recently purchased the first three books, but I see that Book 4 has not been released. I really enjoy your books and enjoyed thoroughly the Lyon series.

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