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    Hello butterflies, I am thinking of starting a book club for those who use Kindle Unlimited Each month you will choose a book that is available in Kindle Unlimited. It does not have to be a Jordan Silver book. Each person in the club will read and discuss the book here. What do you think? If you’re interested leave your name below and if we get enough names we’ll get started. Please note I will not be reading these books I will just be here to monitor. HERE is the link to the online book club. If you’re interested please join. As soon as we have enough members we’ll get started.

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    Kadijah brisco

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      Hailey Hansford


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    Great idea! Would love to do that!

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    Tammy Wing

    I use kindle unlimited all the time, I think it’s a great idea.

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    Vanessa M


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    Mindy S

    I do, but purchase when I can.

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    I used kindle unlimited mostly when I want to try out knew authors. The ones I like I will buy. Of course I have a brought eveybook that you have written but that was after I found you on kindle unlimited and read a few of your books first. Now you are one of my favorite authors. Personally I only used it when I dont have the money at the time but buy it as soon as I get it.

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    I mostly use kindle unlimited. If I didn’t I’d be in the poor house because I’d but so many books. I do buy a few books but only a few a month.

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    Yolanda Greaves

    I love the book club idea using the kindle unlimited.

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    I have Kindle Unlimited and don’t use it enough. I think this is a great idea, I’m in.

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    Monica Dantone

    I have kindle unlimited

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    Sandra Tucker

    Not me….I purchase all of your books the minute they come out!!!! <3

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    Cathy hale

    Sounds interesting. I read now about 5 books a day. And love yours .

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    Mandy Gracie

    I use kindle unlimited.

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    If the synopsis is border line for me, I will go unlimited first. If I really like the book, I will purchase it and often revisit my favodites.

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    Tanieka Pelmore

    I will

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    I use it and love it. If I really love a book after reading it then I go back and purchase the book.

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    I use Kindle Unlimited.

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    Sounds like a good idea.

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    Beth thornton

    I do not

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    Melissa Saylor

    I do

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    I use kindle unlimited all the time it’s were I read most of books.

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    Yolanda Badillo

    That’s great. I would love to be apart of this. Count me in.

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    Regina Hoilman

    I think this would be so enjoyable. I love all your books and have a few other favorite writers too.

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    I don’t have kindle unlimited but this is definitely something I would be interested in doing 😀

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    Almost exclusively. Purchase very few books not in unlimited.

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    I do…I would love to participate.

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    I use it for new authors

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    Tasha cogan

    I do and will love it so much

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    I use kindle unlimited

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    I do. But I like your books enough to buy them.

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    Kimberly Brown

    Yes I use unlimited.

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    Love this idea.

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    I use kindle unlimited but I buy all of your books. Have to support my favorite author!! 😘😘

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    Natalie J

    I use it all the time it’s how I found your books. And I do purchase my favourites but I would need a second job to support my reading habits without kindle unlimited 😜

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    Ebony Mckennie

    I have Kindle Unlimited

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    Eva Mullaney

    I have Kindle unlimited but I also tend to purchase your books to keep in my library.

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    I don’t I like to own my books if you sell them only on here I’ll buy them.

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    Katrina Hogan

    I no longer use kindle unlimited but I’m willing to purchase a book and be a part of the book club.

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    I don’t use kindle unlimited. I just purchase the books

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    Cristal Hill

    I use Kindle unlimited and if I like the book I purchase it so I have it in my library to read anytime I want to. I own most of your books, pretty much all of them except for a few only because I’m saving money to buy them LOL!

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    Love this idea

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    Love this idea too.

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    Madelyn Drivers


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    I LOVE that idea!! I always want to discuss the awesome books I read but no one I know reads as much or what I read lol I’m totally in!!

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    KaRissa Miller

    I do

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    I start ku then if I like the book I buy.

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    Yes, I use kindle unlimited

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    Alison Smith

    I use Kindle Unlimited pretty exclusively. It is rare for me to purchase a book and then only if I have already read it on KU and love it. That’s why all the drama involving a few recent Romance writers writers is hard hitting.

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    Rebecca Rannow

    I use it daily, and that sounds like an awesome idea! 🙂

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    I use it.

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    I do!

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    I do.

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    Starr L. Holman

    I think that would be a great idea.

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    I don’t have kindle unlimited.

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    I use KU for most of my books.

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    I use KU

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    Heck ya I use KU and I would love to join a book club discussion….

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    I do ! But sometimes it’s hard to find good Authors , so I like this idea if it helps me find more books to fall in love with .☺️

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    I used to but not anymore

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    I do.

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    Patricia Watkins

    I would love to do a book club

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    It’s the only way I can afford my reading habit lol. A book club sounds fun!

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    I don’t. I buy all your books and always read them more than once 🙂

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    I would love to be part of the book club❤️💙💜🧡. I have kindle unlimited.

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    I do!

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    I use kindle unlimited and am always looking for new books to read.

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    Jenn McGurk

    I think it’s a great idea. I have Kindle Unlimited and I love it.

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    I do for other authors 😘

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    Tamara Webster

    I use kindle unlimited.

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    Add me please.

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    I do but I always buy your books cause I read them over and over again. your book club is a brilliant idea

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    I use KU.

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    I do, I would love to do this

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    I use it but with your books and a few other Authors i love i just buy as soon as its released if i can afford it but if i cant i read it on kindle unlimited until i can buy the book

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    Sandy May

    I use KU for a number of authors. I also use KU to try authors I have never read.

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    I do

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    Donna Marie Buck

    Sounds like a good idea.

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    I LOVE KU. I would enjoy a book club!

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    Rose Newton

    I do. But also purchase your books.

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    I use kindle unlimited…if I love an author though I buy the book no matter what

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    Wendy Martin Brockelsby


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    Yes,I have kindle unlimited

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