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    Mine is Luck of the Irish. Can’t wait for that one.

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    So far The Golden princess. I can’t wait for that heifer Emma to get what she deserves.

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    It’s hard to choose between Tennessee Heat and Adventures of the Golden Princess!! Both have me hooked and I’m addicted. I keep checking for more ! I love Colt Lyon and Eden high but whatever you put out I would be so excited and happy to read !

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    Tab Phipps

    The luck the Irish

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    Shakira Hinds

    All of them, especially Catalina. Can’t wait to see how that little shit turns out

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      Catalina is going to take over the world, and her daddy is going to loose his mind for good

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    Catalina and the Golden Princess!

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    Mine is Tennessee heat

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    Tracy goode

    Mengele and adventures of the golden princess both on same day 11th Feb 19 would be great not heard about the Irish one I want to read everything the waiting is h e double hockey sticks

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    Missiey Waller

    My is Tennessee Heat I am so in love with that book right now.

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    Catalina and the Golden Princess

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    All of them!! Lol i just can’t handle the wait sometimes!

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    Carman Welsch

    Anything Kat and Lyon , but right now it’s the Golden Princess . Wouldn’t mind a little more Talon !

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    So hard to choose ? Would love to read anything on Kat and Colt and or Eden high but the teasers for Tennessee Heat and Adventures of the golden princess are really good !I’m so looking forward to those books !

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    I think I saw on called Teachers Pet, I need it so bad lol but I’m happy with anything Jordan releases

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