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    All things Colton Lyon, what you love about him from his tats his piercings and his quotes.

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    All of the above, plus his family loyalty and his take no shit attitude

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    Ginger Bott

    Everything mentioned above and also how he is not afraid to show Kat how much he loves her and all her babies.

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    Just the way is with Kat period. Protective loving & a major pain in the ass!

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    I love Colton Lyon family. His pothead father and mother and her girls.

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      Lol his pot head father reminds me of my husband!

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    I love his devotion to his family. They are his everything and he’s not afraid to show it.

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    I love his attitude about his family. Although he couldn’t be my husband because after that scene where he tied Kat to the bed and whipped her for punishment??!! I would have swung on his ass as soon as he let me go and i got feeling back in my extremities.

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    Colt is such a amazing Man.. Who is loyal a d loves his family. Not afraid to show it. Protects them. So no mercy and hen someone messes with them. Enjoy reading his story. Love to read about his Lyon crew.
    And to read his mom and dad’s story.

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    Karen Steadman

    I love how Colton is with his familyH
    His love for Kat and all of their kids
    I love his healthy fear of Mengele😂😂😂

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    He’s a true alpha Male but boy does he love his girl !!

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    Shakira Hinds

    Everything period. Would love me one of him in real life

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    Tamara Webster

    I love Colt. He always seems on the verge of an aneurysm dealing with the family. The funniest for me is Mengele, he’s a big alpha male, no nonsense tough guy and she scares him with her potential. The protective nature he has is over the top but the family deals with it.

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    I love everything about him he’s perfect. Now if I could find a man just like him lol

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    Love how he is with family!

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    I just love how he love his wife and children anand how nutty he can get

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    Love his sex appeal. However how much he cherishes his wife and kids it what does it for me!!

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    Tracy goode

    I love how he shows how he loves kat and his family weather that is with actions all the way to killing
    I love that he kept one side of his body to have kat tattoo
    I love how protective of his girls he is like when caitie bear was in that book so he killed the danger but how he is still scared about mengele

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    Colton is my favorite of all of your alphas. I love how much he loves Kat and even though he’s a bid bad alpha, he’s a teddy bear with his wife and kids. I love how he’s always trying to figure out Kat’s schemes and how he know Mengele is gonna be out of control but he’s doesn’t really try to stifle that mind of hers.

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    From his build to his tats,he’s the epitome of a male specimen. I love that he welcomes all of Kat’s pregnancies. He’s truly devoted to his family. He leads by example and he’s who all other males strive to be like.

    Your recent sample of him telling Kat that as hard as he works to put food on the table and she’s dieting is hilarious! 😅

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    I love everything Lyon related. From his alpha male attitude, way of thinking, tatts and piercings to his family (Katie Bear, Mengele, the pot head but especially Kat).

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    Cry 7

    I love everything about Colton, but the last books i found him less lovely with Kat….protective yes….attentive yes….but loveky in the Colton way i miss it

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    Jasmin C

    Colton has the exterior of an alpha man (sooo hot!) and the interior of a teddy bear when it comes to his family. I just love the way he interacts with his family and especially his wife. Can’t wait to read how he reacts when his baby girls grow up and start dating.

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    Tasha Cogan

    Jordan sliver can you please give us some more of yummy Colton Lyon. I about to re read to get my damn fix

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    OMG EVERYTHING!!!!! I love everything about him. From his derrogetory comments his fuckability, and his idea that his father and gis pot bregade as well as his mother and her nosy bregade will Fuqu his life. LOL. Just love him. I feel like his body is in top notch physique, his tattoos, piercings and just his demeanor. UGH I just can’t get enough of him and the woman holding him down…and his kids.

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    Colton Lyon is enigma. “Sometimes” he’s really hardheaded. HAHAHA
    I love to see how they’re become new family with triplets. So much n*tty in there.

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