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      Hello Jordan.
      Before going with my question, I want to tell you how happy I am that you are back.For three months you were off the grid. The mail I sent were unanswered, and I was terrified that you were just gone as several authors in the past, silently and no-one cared or wondered where they went. And I did so much. I am agoraphobic, sometimes suicidal and your books, those of Lynda Chance keep me here. Linn Young is one I am still grieving. So if you ever are ill or need comfort, just tell us. I don’t belong to nay religion but God is the one I love above all. And these three months I was so angry with him. I still have to apologize. And I will ask him to keep you happy and healthy.
      Now is Anarchist done or are there more books in season 2? It ended rather abruptly.
      Thank you. God bless you Jordan.

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