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Then I am so happy. I wrote a post where I dreamed of her. You should read it. Do you know her forum page was sort of pink. I know about menopause. It’s hell. Heat flush worse.

Did you know? Linn Young wrote beautiful books not same as Jordan but a different style. I always bought her books on her blog, they weren’t sold anywhere else. She announced her next book and she just disappeared. Six months later her blog disappeared. Her books are still sold by Amazon. And Amazon is always asking are you Linn Young. This is so sad.
So many others also lost. Elle Amour, Sullivan Clark and a few others I forgot about. If these authors had not announced their next book no-one would have been wiser. What angers me is that their books are still sold and it’s as if nothing matters apart selling. What about honoring them, offering them a tribute?

I am sure you have come across some authors who you have not heard from for years.

I am watching out for only three authors like a hawk: Lora Leigh, Cherise Sinclair and Jordan Silver.

I really hope to die before them. Because the grief might just finish me.

Thank you.

Tell Jordan it doesn’t matter if she never writes a book, just stop by and yell I am still there. And tell her menopause is a bitch and it will take at least a decade to get used to.
I’m still coping with mine. ^_^