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“Yolanda, SHE IS NOT DEAD!!!! Jordan posted on Instagram this week that she has been suffering with some female issues and that her “vagina” was dead. Some people can’t read I guess…”

If you have been on her web page before you would have known the difference, her family is keeping her web pages alive.
1.Jordan has always answered every post on her blog and forums whatever is written. The tone of her last post about the books we prefer is just wrong.
2. Since November I’ve sent emails and messages that has remained without response. She always answer.
If she was still there, you would know. Anyone can say my little butterflies, her page has now white, it never was before.
And I have been following her since her first book.

I love her. Not just for her books but for her exuberance. Someone who writes so many books every year would leave a message and tell us, she is slowing down.
There are many authors who in the last 10 years had died and nobody cares. These people just disappear and if they had not announce their next book, you would never know.
Incidentally Mancini story is not finished as well as the Anarchist.
For the next year all her previous books are going to be re-published but no new one will be coming.

I don’t believe in miracles and having passed so much time on the web page I know the difference. When it is her or someone else.