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I can’t choose just one. There are many but each for a different reason.

Talons Heart — I love how his whole world changes and he just goes with it because she’s that important to him…

Broken — that he helps her come into her own. That she has such low self esteem and he helps her get it back.

The Gambler — because it shows no matter how “different” you are, you are fully capable and deserving of love.

The Incident — don’t ever give up. That even though she THOUGHT there was nothing to live for, she was fortunate enough to find out there was. Sometimes people need to hear this, even in a romance book it can “click” and make a difference.

I can go on for almost every book you’ve written 😁. I LOVE the “girl is bullied (by anyone, family or at school or whatever) and the hot, popular guy comes along and loves her and protects her” trope. A lot of your books have a variation of that theme. ❤️❤️