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Hi Jordan and Everyone 👋

I’m Mindy, my life is almost all Navy, I’m a Navy Brat, Navy Veteran, Navy Spouse (husband is retired Chief) and now a Navy Mom…my daughter followed our footsteps and is currently deployed on an Aircraft Carrier.

So…I read romance books 😁. It’s my “escape” from real life and I LOVE them, I ONLY read romance cuz what’s the point of “escape” if you read “real life” books? I’ve been a devoted Jordan Silver reader since (I think) the beginning and I have ALL her books. I re read them often and there isn’t a bad one. Some are just different hahaha.

I ABSOLUTELY avoid spoilers because I don’t read cliffhangers (sorry Mama B 😁) but as soon as they are released I’m all over it ❤️

Love that this is an option and look forward to talking with everyone. M