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September 29, 2021

Hello butterflies, hope you’re all doing well. I just wanted to answer some of your questions, which were mostly about new releases on amazon. At this point in time, I don’t have anything ready, I’m enjoying the episodic stories I write on Patreon and Vella. That’s not saying I won’t write something for KDP soon, but if I do, it will most likely be erotica, which amazon seems to be cracking down on again. Some of you may have noticed, I lost my zest for publishing almost four years ago when my first book was blocked on amazon for censorship reasons. As someone who lives her life pretty clean, it bruised my soul that beelzebub’s bed wenches and his little minions thought they had the right, I have yet to recover, ( a bish can hold a grudge). I don’t want my enemies to think that they’ve won by this statement, if you’re reading, you haven’t I’ve just been sitting back watching you destroy your own souls, and some of you did it spectacularly. To the readers who only come to read and don’t give a good dang about the rest find me on Patreon. As fall settles in, I’m thinking The Squad Book 2 is not long in the making, The Life is going to be extremely long so hang in there. I’ll start working on Unrequited Death again soon, it just didn’t feel like a summer read, fall and winter are more suitable for small town murders I think. Gentleman Biker will also be picking up the pace on Dreame. I’m not sure what’s going on over there but there’s a chapter waiting for approval for over a week, speaking of which, I do not have control over when chapters are released on that site. I have removed a lot of books from Kindle Unlimited and they will be on Dreame and other reading apps, as well as Kobo, Apple and Barnes and Noble soon.

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  1. Marie said:

    when will Caitlyn and Todd’s story continue?? reading the crossover list now


  2. Shalece A Kimble said:

    I’m impatiently waiting on the squad2 nothing compares to the entire Lyon seal Mancini team! And I can’t wait for more Catalina!!!!


  3. Meniola said:

    Please stay through, I love your books I’ve read almost all your books and keep reading at least one in a week. Platform you use don’t matter as long as I can read your book.


  4. Elizabeth said:

    Thank you for hours of reading pleasure your work is our blessings.


  5. Sharon Herring said:

    Stay true to your passion. That is why I wait for you to write in your time. I will purchase on any platform. Thank you for your gift of story


  6. Ali said:

    I only buy from amazon but your the exception . Can I buy directly from your website and will it work on my kindle. Love your books 🙂


  7. Bookbabee_88 said:

    Stay true to you, I love all of your books and wouldn’t change a thing. I stay on standby for new releases. As long as there is another source where I can get your books as soon as they drop, I’m good. Looking forward to the next one and the next one lol.


  8. MelB said:

    Don’t let them get you down! You are my favorite author and I’m always on pins and needles waiting for your next book. I read 5-6 books a week and hands down there is no one who writes like you. It’s a gift, rock it out, I’ll cry if you stop writing😂. I don’t care what platform either, whatever work best for you. Anxiously awaiting your next!


  9. Dot said:

    Love love your writing which has helped me through some dark days…


  10. Deepa said:

    I have read almost all your books. Please keep publishing on Amazon as well.. I miss them horribly for past few months. I can’t afford patron.


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