Eden High




Eden High Series 2 Book 6

Copyright© Jordan Silver

All Rights Reserved


Chapter 1



I woke up this morning, still furious about what happened at the restaurant the night before. I’d spent a good chunk of the morning throwing around ideas in my head of just what I plan to do to that snarky bitch and her insignificant friends.

I’d satisfied myself with some of the better ideas I came up with, but none gave me life more than imagining the look on her ugly face when things go back to the way they’re supposed to be.

That would be the day that Jace finally opens his eyes and stops listening to his parents and maybe his friends and sees her for what she is and come running back to me. Everyone knows we’re the perfect couple.

How dare that nobody make me look bad in front of Jace and my friends? How dare she even think that she could be one of us? My thoughts had helped calm me down some and my imagination had ran wild. And now this.

Jace has made a public statement in front of the whole school acknowledging that hillbilly tramp. I bit the inside of my lip until it bled and dug my nails into my palms.

All so that I wouldn’t let my emotions show, because I knew all eyes were on me. Inside I died. There was a scream building inside me that I knew if given release, may never end.

If that wasn’t bad enough the stupid wanna be kids who attend this shitty school all seemed to be applauding his announcement and some were even congratulating her; right in front of me. How fucking humiliating.

When I get rid of that bitch I’m going to make everyone pay. I still have no doubt in my ability to win Jace back. I just need time. He’s probably acting this way because he’s mad at me for behaving out of character last night.

As the son of the premier family in this town he would want his future wife to comport herself accordingly. I must remember that at all times. No doubt she instigated that shit last night to make me look bad in front of him.

With her out of the picture, I’m sure he would come running back to me. I just have to be patient and wait. No way can someone like her beat me at anything. I’m so much better than her at everything.

After Jace’s little pretend show I walked back to my class as calm as can be. No one would even guess at the riot of emotions going on inside of me, because that’s the way a true diva carries herself in public.

I sat at my desk pondering my next move. I can’t get ahold of that idiot Stanley and I still haven’t found out what happened to her house or who tried to blow her up. If only they’d succeeded.