Eden High

What the hell is going on? I felt sick, like I needed to throw up. I stared at the stupid papers without seeing them until his voice intruded once again.

“Yes, I believe these men are here to escort you off school grounds.” I looked around to see two men in suits standing in the outer office.

What the hell is going on? My heart started to race and I felt real fear for the first time since this all started. Why would Jace do this?

It can’t be because of what happened last night. I didn’t even say anything to that country hick. My words were all directed at that Valerie person.

So why? Had he figured out the truth? That can’t be or it would be the cops here instead of his henchmen. Think Mandy, think.

“You fix this or you know what will happen.” I threatened the principal just as the door opened behind me and I felt my world implode.

“Get your hands off me.” One of the suits grabbed my arm and led me from the office. My mind wasn’t working, I couldn’t hold a thought. I looked back behind me at the principal but the door was already closed.

“I need to get my stuff from my locker…”

“It will be sent to you.” One of the men answered as they escorted me down the hallway to the exit. I felt eyes on me and had never felt like crying more than I did in that moment.

Somebody’s going to pay for this and I know just who that is. No doubt she’d lied and told Jace things about me that aren’t true. It was all because of her; all her fault.

I felt cold inside even as the sun touched my face. They didn’t even have the decency to walk me to my car seeing that my knees couldn’t hardly hold me up. Just stood in front of the doors, making it obvious that they were barring me from reentering the building.

I walked away on shaky legs and the strong feeling that I was being watched followed me as I made my way across the lot.

I looked up for the source and my eyes collided with Jace’s. “Jace!” I thought it was a scream but it was little more than a whisper. He turned and walked away.