Eden High

What the hell? I’m sure it wasn’t anything serious. I’d only just come back after leaving the hospital after all and hadn’t had time to get into any trouble.

Then again I’ve done plenty and was never reprimanded before, who would dare? Besides, the principal is just another man, and I know only too well how to handle him. So even if it is something, I know plenty ways to get out of it.

I made my way to his office still trying to figure out what the idiot could possibly want with me. “Go right in, he’s expecting you.” His secretary didn’t even look at me as she said those words.

I walked into his office without knocking. “What do you want, why have you called me here?” He indicated the chair in front of his desk but I wasn’t planning to be here that long so I ignored it.

If he hadn’t called me for one of his five minute drool fucks there was no reason for me to be in his presence for more than a few seconds at best. He seemed nervous as hell as he played with the papers on his desk.

Don’t tell me this fool’s wife had found out about our little arrangement. That was so in the past I’d all but forgotten about it. I’m not too worried either way.

We all know how that shit ends. I’m just the poor little girl who was taken advantage of. I know that act well. I started to smile, feeling a little bit like myself after the morning I’ve had.

“As of today you’re no longer welcomed on school property.”

“Excuse me, what did you say?” The world literally spun. I felt the ground shift beneath my feet. I couldn’t have heard him correctly.

“Here is a copy of the contract your parents signed when you were admitted to the school.” I was too numb to even realize what I was doing when I held out my hand for the sheet of paper he passed to me.

It was just an automatic reaction. The sheaf of papers felt heavy in my shaking hand and I lost my sight for a split second, everything was a blur. There was a dull ringing in my ear and my throat felt like I was swallowing rocks.

“If you’ll notice on line fifteen, it states there doesn’t have to be a reason given as long as it’s the decision of one of the board members.” His voice was starting to piss me off.

“Board members, what the hell are you talking about?”

“This school as you were reminded along with everyone else this morning, belong to The Sanders Group.”

“You can’t just kick me out, what reason did Mr. Sanders give for wanting me out of his school?” This can’t be happening. Why would Jace’s dad get involved?

“It wasn’t Mr. Sanders but his son who made the decision.” He said as if reading my thoughts.

“What, Jace?” No, this can’t be happening. In the same hour that he made that announcement he’s throwing me away like trash?