Eden High

January 2, 2019

Eden High Series 2 Book 6 is now available on Amazon Book 7 will start updating on the website tomorrow at noon. Please find Universal link below the image to order


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  1. Tasha cogan said:

    I just want to say thank you so much Jordan silver for all the amazing books you give is. You put your heart and soul in them. We all love you


  2. Carman Welsch said:

    Best New Year present !!! Okay , see y’all tomorrow at noon !! I’m lovin this !


  3. Sharon Wallace said:

    Also bought this book too thank you


  4. Ashley said:

    Loved the book. Can’t wait for book 7


  5. skbrzak said:

    Love your books! What happened to chapters 1-11 of Book 7. I was in the middle of reading them and left off as they were leaving the hospital and now all I can find starts on chapter 12. Thank you!


  6. Bobbie said:

    I love this series and cant wait to see what happens…..i also cant wait for the next generation of Lyons!!


  7. Maria said:

    I was reading till page 14 were the updates go??


  8. Anonymous said:

    What happened to book 7. Can’t find it on the site anymore.


    1. Windy Harris said:

      I can’t find it either I’m freakin out lol


  9. beeperez5225 said:

    What happened to the final chapters of book 7? Been waiting all day, went to refresh the page and I get an ” Oops cannot find item”. When that happened with book 6, I went immediately to Amazon to buy the book, tried to do the same with book 7, but can’t find it anywhere. Help, desperately needing a conclusion to this story, please, please!


    1. Anonymous said:

      this comment was posted at top of book pic . Eden High Series 2 Book 6 is now available on Amazon Book 7 will start updating on the website tomorrow at noon. Can’t wait for noon tomorrow to come. Woo hoo.


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