Eden High

My stomach refused to settle down and the soft flesh of my inner lip was raw from where my teeth had cut into it. I fought back the fear and that nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach that I haven’t felt in forever.

Not since mommy dearest married up and moved us here. Not since I learned that having money and status was the way to go and set out to get some of my own.

It’s been years since I’ve felt like the scared little girl who was always afraid of everything. I had to hold my breath to get control of myself. I’d die before I let any one of these peons see how upset I am.

“What was that about Mandy do you know?” That idiot Liz came to stand beside my desk.

“Of course I don’t know what it’s about.” I gave her the look that usually sends her scurrying back in her lane.

“You don’t think it has anything to do with what happened at the restaurant last night right.”

“Why, are you scared?” It was obvious that she was. First thing to give me life since I walked in this building this morning.

“Aren’t you? This is the first time Jace has ever used his family name for anything…” She stopped talking at my glare. I wanted to plant my fist in her face and barely restrained myself as I felt pressure rise in my head.

I didn’t need to be reminded that Jace had just proclaimed to the whole damn school that he was willing to go the extra mile for his hick of a girlfriend. How stupid can she be?

The teacher walked in just then and saved her from my wrath. She left to go back to her seat with her tail tucked between her legs and I felt good that I at least still had the power to control my circle.

“Mandy, you’re needed in the principal’s office.” The words struck me as odd coming from the teacher. It had been some time since I’d heard them. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be calling me to fuck. Take out a public announcement why don’t you?

Though the way I feel that might help to calm my nerves. Still, I had to play it off. No way do I want this hag knowing my business. Nosy bitch would probably get into her feels.

“What for? It’s been a while since I was called before the principal and I don’t remember doing anything on school grounds lately to be reprimanded for.”

“I wasn’t told that, just go please.” I got up from my desk and looked around the class at all the busybodies who were already whispering behind their hands.

Just then I heard my name over the speaker system. ‘Mandy Taylor to the principal’s office, Mandy Taylor, you’re needed in the principal’s office.’ Definitely not for a quickie. He couldn’t be that stupid. The announcement came again like the place was on fire.