Eden High series 2 Book5

October 9, 2017

There’s a new update for Eden High, do not press page 5 because there’s nothing there, don’t want you to be disappointed. Happy reading and enjoy. For those of you who missed all the announcements over the weekend, follow the wattpad follow button on the side of the page to read new stories written under one of my new pen names.

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  1. Monique Jackson said:

    I didn’t know that Eden High ties into the seal team. If that’s true it also ties into the Lyons and a few more of Your alpha males. Can you tell me which ones because I want to read them all together? I can’t wait!!!!


    1. jordansilver144 said:

      no butterfly if you’ve read the seals so far you’re fine


  2. prescious said:

    I hope Track is as off the charts as my major hottie Lyons I really cannot wait Yes yes wow!


  3. Flora Parker said:

    What Orange button


  4. Anonymous said:

    Love your books and I never thought I would enjoy your Eden High series since I am a middle age woman but I took a chance since I love everything else you have written and found I love the series and the intrigue. Keep all of your different books coming. You are an amazing writer. I love how you tied different series together. Being married to a military biker I love your military and biker ones the most.


  5. Jamie said:

    hello i am reading the eden high series and i want to make sure that i can finish this series and i read all of the 1 series and i am on book 4 if the 2 series is this it or is there another book


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