Delivery Room Drama

February 11, 2022

What is it with MILs wanting to be in the delivery room with their DILs when giving birth? Listen heifer, we can barely stand you standing up on a good day, what makes you think we want you there with our hoo-hah exposed during one of the most vulnerable times of our life? If I want my mother, the woman who wiped my azz at birth, kissed my boo-boos, and held my hand through life’s traumas that’s my prerogative. All you’re doing when you fight for this is robbing your son of the opportunity to see his child come into the world, because nine times out of ten, he’s still on your tit and will side with you, which will then entail me telling the hospital to take his name off the approved list because he’s obviously in need of mental health help. Fuq off. If you have the need to stare at someone else’s vag, go watch pornhub, you demented ingrate. You have no rights to another woman’s body, dafuq you get off?

I know what your game is, you want to bond first right? You want Facefuq bragging rights about how you held your precious baby first and post a million pictures that the mother who carried her child for damn near ten months and went through the hell that is labor told you not to do. Your entitlement should choke the shiz out of you.

Mothers, if they bypass your wants and needs and show their face between your thighs while you’re at your worst, don’t argue, that fight’s already lost. Focus on your baby at that moment, don’t give anything away that you’re feeling. When the spineless toad that you’re married to leaves, call up your best friend, or your mother, who hopefully lives out of state, or even a sister a cousin, anyone you can trust, have them get you and take you somewhere. Text hubby and let him know that since he bypassed your wishes and allowed his mother, who one hundred percent disrespected you in a way that she herself would not have allowed, and got to hold your child before you did, that you now need some space and time to get that back. You’ll see him when you see him.

As for the grandmonster, she can see baby when he or she is a year old or older when he or she can talk and protect themself because the grandmonster obviously have problems with arterial flow above the neck. Stop letting these people walk all over you ffs.

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  1. Lisa Christianson said:

    Oh yes! When I was in labor with my 1st my mil walked right into the room like she was entitled to be there. I was pissed (especially since I was allowed 2 people and my mom and hubby were there). Hospital did not do a thing. Needless to say I took great satisfaction when it was decided I would have to have a c-section. And with that she did not get to see MY baby born, it was just hubby, me and delivery team. Future babies she was not allowed up to see them until hours after they were born


  2. Neeola said:

    This! I really don’t understand where people get their sense if entitlement and they’re never there when they’re needed, just to make some trouble and more


  3. Yvette said:

    Well said, some people are creepy fuqs xx


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