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December 19, 2018


by Jordan Silver 

Copyright© 2018 All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1



His hard cock slid in and out of me as he bent me double beneath him. My pussy was as wet as she’d ever been which in itself was a miracle. I’m one of those unlucky females who can’t get off from penal penetration, well not usually anyway.

 But this big rough biker knew what he was doing because no sooner had he eaten me to orgasm than he got down to business and I don’t think I’ve stopped cumming ever since.

“Oh shit that’s deep, too deep, wait…”
“No way little girl, you asked for it now you can take it like a woman.” Is he crazy? I didn’t ask for a ten -inch cock to split me in half. Orgasms aside he was about to put me in traction.

Fuck it hurt but he was so hot, those muscles alone made my hoo-hah twitch in heat. And when he first took off his jacket and shirt and I got a look at those tattoos it was all over. 

The shy little girl whose asshole ex had left her at the altar had been transformed into a whole other being. For a split second, the memory of my ex almost sidetracked me but the dick was so good I decided to put everything else aside and enjoy. 

Who knows when next I would feel this good with a man inside me? It wasn’t just between my legs either. There was something about the way he looked at me, the way he let his hand linger on mine in passing.

That, and his scent, his body, his hair, it all combined to make my pussy tingle in a way she never has before. No one who knows me would believe it even if they saw it with their own eyes. 

Me, the woman who’d been dubbed a prude, was in bed with a man I’d met a mere few hours ago. I waited for the guilt to form, but instead, all I felt was his rough thrust into my body as his hand came around my neck.

“Where did your mind go sweetheart?” The words sounded calm enough, but somehow, although I didn’t know him that well, I knew not to trust it. I shook my head as best I could with his stranglehold on my neck.

“He squeezed and my pussy clenched, he did it again and my eyes rolled back in my head. Just as I was about to cum for what might be the tenth or eleventh time, he pulled out.

“Over.” He smacked my ass hard enough to sting.
“What?” I was fighting for breath and spitting mad. I just knew that orgasm was going to one for the history books.

He totally ignored my look of wrath and pulled me up in the middle of the bed. “I want you on your hands and knees.” He slammed into me one more time, pulling back just before I came again.

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  1. Valerie Horton said:

    Oh boy, gotta wait til Midnight? Boo. Thanks Mama, I see you’re at it again, love it, can’t wait.


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